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  Assassin's Creed: Unity v1.4.0 [trainer +12]

- Hotkey/Options And Effect -

HOME Key - Trainer Activation HotKey!

F1 - Super Health
~ keeps you alive and well.

F2 - Infinite Eagle Vision
~ Eagle Vision will always be available.

F3 - Stealth/Invisible
~ Press this option and the enemies wont find you.
Note: only use while needed or it might hinder some scripted events to take place.

F4 - Infinite Consumables
~ Your consumable items will be infinite.

F5 - Set 250.000 Creed Points
~ Your creed points will be set to 250.000
Note: Visual amount will most likely not update untill you use it.

F6 - Add Money By 10.000
~ Each press will increase your current amoubnt of money.
Note: Visual amount will most likely not update untill you use it.

F7 - Infinite Ammo
~ Your ammo wont deplete.

F8 - Get Sync Point Skills

Read Below How To Use!

This option allows you to buy all upgrade points which are unloked, but which you may not have anymore skill points for to use.

1. Note: Press This Key while inside the skill menu to enable the option!

2. Next Select any icon for a skill that you dont want for the moment or one of those you have already bought, should not matter.

3. Next press the CTRL key on your keybord and make sure you keep holding it, now move the "mouse cursor" with your pc mouse
to the skill icon you want to buy and click it or double click it while still holding the CTRL key down ofcourse
the buy option should now be enabled on the right side of the screen!
Keep in mind you need to keep the CTRL key pressed down untill you pushed the last bought button in the menu.

Note: you may have to select a few different icons while holding the CTRL key all the time to get the skill you want to unlock for you.

But if all done correct, you should succesfully be able to buy what you couldn't afford in the first place :)

To buy the rest of the skills, just repeat the steps from 2. to 3 while the option is enabled ofcourse.

Number 7 - Super Speed
- Allows you to run faster - note though that this will prevent jumping far while active so only use it while you want to run around fast.

Number 0 ~ Store Location
Number 2 ~ Teleport
Number 3 ~ Undo Teleportation

Insert Key - Do Waypoint Teleportation
- This allows you to teleport yourself to the current selected marker position on the world map.
- First make sure the area that you are currently in has been synced so that you can see where you set a marker at on the map.
- next set a marker on a place on the map preferably on a ground area, on buildings works aswell-
but in this case you might have to press the DowayPoint Teleportation hotkey a few times afterwards to make sure you dont get stuck in any building.
After you've set a marker, next make sure you re-enter the game and the moment you have entered the game make sure to press the Do Waypoint Teleporation key.
And away you go hopefully :)
Note: The teleporter is set to send you a few meters above the ground to compensate for any hight. So i recomend enabling the "Super Health" option before you use this option.

Final request is included in this version, no more requested options for this trainer will be taken, the trainer is final option wise

I dont have much time over to play all these games which i make trainers for for the moment, due to real life work which takes up much of my time, so i dont expect to add anything more to this trainer
- if you are desperate for any additional options to it, your welcome to donate and make your request using my paypal on my blog and i will see what i have time for.

Any problems getting the trainer activation to work - Then Make sure you close down all open running programs that might be running on your windows before you run the game and the trainer

----> For Additional options please view the trainer!

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- = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = -

- Extra Note:

Preferably start the "Game first" - Next one's the game is running, minimize the game and run the trainer!
which ever order should work in most cases, but starting Game first is recommended, next use Alt Tab to minimize the game and run the trainer, next restore the game and Activate the trainer!

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