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  Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall [cheats]
Enable cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "z.cfg" file in the
"daggerfall" directory. Add the line cheatmode 1 to the file.

God mode:
Press [Ctrl] + [F4] while in a dungeon to toggle God mode.

Return to last position:
Press [Alt] + [F11] to return to the last location where your character was
standing. Press this key combination several times if your character falls
into a pit.

Activate all maps:
Press [Ctrl] + [F1].

5000 gold:
Press [Ctrl] + [F9].

Create a directory named "pics" in the "dagger" directory. Press \ to save up
to ten screenshots.

Cycle through quest locations:
Press [Left Bracket] or [Right Bracket].

Increase reputation:
Press [Minus] to increase your reputation in all skills by 5.

Increase stats:
Press [Plus] to increase all stats by 1.

Increase stats (alternate):
Press [F5] to display the stats screen. Click on a stat and position the mouse
to where the bonus point icon usually appears. Click where the up arrow
usually appears to add up to six points to the selected stat. Exit the screen
and repeat this procedure to add more points. Note: This code may only be
enabled on the original version of the game.

Travel six times faster:
Press 1.

Easy spells:
Type $ as the first character of a spell name to only expend 25% of normal
when casting. Type ! as the first character of a spell name to expend 0% of
normal, but with a limit of casting the spell only once a day.

Rob store:
Enter a store and wait until it closes. The shop keeper should disappear.
Examine the shelves to remove the items.

Steal and sell:
Enter a store and wait until night. When it is night, and the shop keeper is
still there, examine the shelves to check what is in the store. To steal an
item, make sure the side screen has the "Equip" option. Choose the desired
items and equip them. Then, approach the store keeper and click on him. This
allows you to sell the items that were just stolen without being arrested.

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