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  The Evil Within [Xbox One]
New Game Plus mode
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. When you play that same difficulty again, you will retain your previously obtained weapons, items and upgrades. The enemies in New Game Plus mode will have an increased difficulty.

Nightmare and AKUMA difficulties
Successfully complete the game.

50,000 Green Gel
Successfully complete the game.

"Model Viewer" option
Successfully complete the game.

Machine gun
Successfully complete the game.

Rocket launcher
Successfully complete the game.

Brass knuckles
Successfully complete the game under the Nightmare difficulty setting.

High-Powered sniper rifle
Collect all map fragments.

Burst handgun
Successfully complete the game under the Nightmare difficulty setting.

Automatic handgun
Complete the game with a full archive.

Chapter 7: Easy Green Gel
Play Chapter 7 under the Survival difficulty setting. While progressing, conserve as much ammunition and trap parts as possible. Take advantage of the existing spike traps to kill various enemies. If done correctly, you will encounter the Keeper boss with about 30 traps and a decent amount of ammunition for your various weapons. Start the Boss battle as usual by shutting down the poison gas. After closing the final valve, remain in the area and keep fighting. The Keeper boss will keep respawning from the safes about thirty times. Keep defeating him to get 2,000 Green Gel each time. With fully upgraded damage on your harpoon bolts and pistol, only one hit with each of those weapons will be enough to take him down. By the end of all the fights, you should have collected about 70,000 Green Gel. Note: You cannot damage Keeper for a few seconds after he spawns. To get more trap parts, use the Keeper's barbed wire mines. Simply wait for the Keeper to deploy his mines then kill him. Then, use the free time during his respawn to disarm the mines. Note: Keep a sniper rifle or shotgun in reserve in the event that you run out of harpoon bolts.


ņ la Corvo - Have they lost their minds? Better get past them without a fight. (Ch.2) - 15
...And the Corpses Mount - Kill 30 enemies. - 10
Ammo Conservationist - Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks. - 10
Another Day on the Job - Complete the game on Survival difficulty - 40
Arachnophobia (secret) - Outrun a gigantic threat in the city - 15
Bathed in Flames - Enough running! Iíll burn her to the ground right here! (Ch. 10) - 25
Bloody Bar Brawl - Sneak Kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle. - 10
Blow Up the Playing Field - Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies. (Agony Bolt effects negate results) - 25
Burn, Baby, Burn! - Kill 5 enemies with a torch. - 10
Drop It Like Itís Hot - Kill 3 living enemies with one drop of a match. - 10
Entry Level Electrician - I should get this whole generator panel running just in case. (Ch. 14) - 15
Every Nook and Cranny - Collect every collectable in the game. - 30
Everybody Gets One - Who wouldnít reach out for a man clinging for his life? (Ch. 6) - 5
First Step into Darkness - Complete the game on Casual difficulty - 30
Full House - Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt - 10
Hardbody - Fully upgrade all of Sebastianís attributes. - 30
Home is Where the Hospice is - That vision in the hospice... why here? Why now? (Ch. 4) - 15
I Donít Have Time for This! - It wonít stay dead! Better only fight when I have to. (Ch. 7) - 10
It Is What It Is - Finish the game without upgrading any skills with green gel. - 60
Item Management - This cave echoes like crazy. Better put the gun away and keep quiet. (Ch. 8) - 10
Knife Beats Chainsaw - His engine roars, but my knife is strong enough to take him out. (Ch.3) - 40
Krimson PD Fury - Kill 200 enemies. - 20
Master of Horror - Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty - 50
Master of Unlocking - Open up all the lockers in the save room - 15
My Best Friend - Completely upgrade one weapon. - 10
Not a Scratch on Her! - Iím not taking any chances, this bus canít take much more damage. (Ch. 12) - 15
Not Part of the Job Description - The waterís rising, but weíll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch. 5) - 25
Old Flame (secret) - Finish off a shrieking beast - 20
One Man Army - Kill 400 enemies. - 35
One of the Many (secret) - Defeat the ultimate evil within - 45
Silent Kill - Kill 5 enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered. - 20
Slither into Oblivion (secret) - Remove an invisible enemy from the equation. - 25
The First, Not the Last (secret) - End a monstrosity in the underground garage - 40
The Power of Three - Completely upgrade three weapons. - 25
The Quick and the Dead - Finish the game with a clear time of under 5 - 00 - 00. - 45
Two on Two (secret) - Take out both guardians before the church - 25
Unstoppable Arsenal - Completely upgrade all weapons. - 40
Weapon of Choice (secret) - Defeat the Sadist within the village - 20
Whatís In The Box?! (secret) - Escape the Keeper beneath the catacombs - 20
Why Canít I Hold All This Ammo? - Upgrade all options in the Stock menu - 20
You Asked For It - Finish the game on AKUMU mode. - 60

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