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  BorderLands The Pre-Sequel V1.00 [trainer +14]

F2:No Reload
F3:Inf.Ammo - Inf .Grenades
F4:Super Accuracy
F5:No Recoil
F6:Instant Skill CoolDown
F7:Inf.Skill Points
F8:Inf.Cash 0 Inf.MoonStones
F9:Backpack 99 slots
F10:No Keys Required
F11;Inf.Badass Tokens
F12:Max Level

- You must use 1 badass token while the cheat is activated for it to work.
- open quests window for the level cheat to work.
- for skill points cheat to work you must go to the skills window and close it then open it once more.
- Cooldown cheat is bugged , Dont use it for now till trainer is updated .

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