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  Great Permutator [cheats]
Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

Baby steps Solve any 3 levels.
Bonus perfection Solve all bonus levels with A+ grade.
Box overflow Get 50 boxes on the field at the same time.
Exact cover Complete a level covering all 121 tiles.
Great permutator Solve all 50 main levels.
Investigator Complete Black Box Pack.
Lucky dog Complete Randomizer Pack.
Oops, no more boxes Destroy all boxes without completing the level.
Perfection Solve all 50 main levels with A+ grade.
Synchronization Move 5 boxes to output conveyors simultaneously.
Teleport master Complete Multi Teleport Pack.
The first page Solve all 25 levels from the first page.
Three in a row Complete a level placing 3 blocks in one vertical row.
Triple crash Collide 3 boxes.
Unnecessary parts Complete a level using not all action blocks.
Why so slow? complete a level in at least 300 cycles.

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