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  Godus [cheats]
* To complete requirements that involve getting a specific number of people to inhabiting your lands easier, shape the land to create as many locations available for building shelter as possible. Plan and build them as compact as possible to get the maximum use from the land.
* When starting, place huts next to the areas that the workers need to access. Only the closest, connected people will work on new tasks. You will eventually unlock a way to directly control the Followers, but until then, it will be easier to keep things in proximity.

The biggest goal is to expand your population, because more Followers give you more options. Always have your builders working on shelter, the more advanced, the better in order to benefit
more people.

* Belief is what the more advanced huts produce, and it the in-game currency that allows you to change the land as desired. Only sculpt land that you will immediately use. You will eventually have to start working on higher ground, and this requires a lot of forethought.
Log in as often as possible to collect the available Belief and make room for more to accumulate. The starting houses cannot hold too much of it.
* You can earn some extra Belief by removing rocks and trees. You can also spend Gems to speed things up and get a boost in your Belief production.

You will eventually get the ability to Leash your Followers and have them work wherever needed. Because this costs Belief, use this technique to progress faster only it really needed. Otherwise, simply expand to get people close enough to where you want them to work.

When flying smiley faces appear, they indicate treasure chests which contain special items that will allow you to unlock new cards. Sculpt the land to get access to hidden chests.

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