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  Warcraft: Orcs & Humans [cheats updated]
To enable a cheat in Warcraft, press Enter while you're playing a game. At the
bottom of the screen, you'll see a text field preceded by ""MSG:"" To activate
the codes, you'll need to enter the master cheat code, CORWIN OF AMBER. After
doing so, you can enter any of the cheat codes listed here as often as you
like: simply press Enter, type the code, and then press Enter again. If the
cheat you typed in is accepted, you'll see the message ""Cheat Enabled, You
Wascally Wabbit!""

Code Result

CRUSHING DEFEAT displays failure sequence (campaign only)
EYE OF NEWT upgrades spellcasters to all spells
HUMANx Human level warp: x is the Human level number
HURRY UP GUYS units, buildings, and upgrades completed faster
IDES OF MARCH displays game finale
IRON FORGE upgrades all game technologies
ORCx Orc level warp: x is the Orc level number
POT OF GOLD gives player 10,000 units of gold and 5,000
units of lumber
SALLY SHEARS displays entire mission map
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE makes all the player's units invulnerable
YOURS TRULY displays the victory sequence (campaign only)

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