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  Fall Weiss [cheats]
Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

Bialystok defended As Poland, hold Bialystok until 20th September.
Bialystok taken As Germany, capture Bialystok before 10th September.
Bielsko defended As Poland, hold Bielsko until 4th September.
Bielsko Taken As Germany, capture Bielsko before 3rd September.
Brest defended As Poland, hold Brest-on-the-Bug until 20th September.
Brest taken As USSR, capture Brest-on-the-Bug before 19th September.
Bring the Revolution As Soviet Union, destroy 50 Polish units in single game.
Bydgoszcz defended As Poland, hold Bydgoszcz until 6th September.
Bydgoszcz taken As Germany, capture Bydgoszcz before 3rd September.
Capturing the Peninsula As Germany, capture Hel before 7th September.
Casualties Destroy 1000 strength points in any number of plays.
Cavalry Is Outdated As Germany, destroy 20 Polish cavalry units before 7th September
Chelm defended As Poland, hold Chelm until 26th September.
Chelm taken As Germany, capture Chelm before 15th September.
Cracow defended As Poland, hold Cracow until 8th September.
Cracow taken As Germany, capture Cracow before 4th September.
Cutting Off The Corridor As Germany, cut off the Polish Corridor before 5th September.
Czestochowa defended As Poland, hold Czestochowa until 5th September.
Czestochowa taken As Germany, capture Czestochowa before 3rd September.
First Blood Destroy an enemy unit.
Gdynia defended As Poland, hold Gdynia until 20th September.
Gdynia taken As Germany, capture Gdynia before 10th September.
Heavy Casualties Destroy 10000 strength points in any number of plays.
Hel Peninsula As Poland, hold Hel until 2nd October.
Hrodna defended As Poland, hold Hrodna until 25th September.
Hrodna taken As USSR, capture Hrodna before 20th September.
Huge Casualties Destroy 100000 strength points in any number of plays.
Inowroclaw defended As Poland, hold Inowroclaw until 10th September.
Inowroclaw taken As Germany, capture Inowroclaw before 5th September.
K-bur As Poland, destroy at least 20 German panzer regiments before 26th September.
Kalisz defended As Poland, hold Kalisz until 5th September.
Kalisz taken As Germany, capture Kalisz before 3rd September.
Katowice defended As Poland, hold Katowice until 5th September.
Katowice taken As Germany, capture Katowice before 3rd September.
Kielce defended As Poland, hold Kielce until 7th September.
Kielce taken As Germany, capture Kielce before 5rd September.
Lodz defended As Poland, hold Lodz until 12th September.
Lodz taken As Germany, capture Lodz before 6th September.
Lublin defended As Poland, hold Lublin until 20th September.
Lublin taken As Germany, capture Lublin before 15th September.
Lvov defended As Poland, hold Lvov until 26th September.
Lvov taken As USSR, capture Lvov before 20th September.
Mlawa taken As Germany, capture Mlawa before 3rd September.
Northern Fortress As Germany, capture Modlin before 23rd September.
Panzerschreck Destroy 500 enemy armored units in any number of plays.
Pillbox Destroy 50 enemy units with units positioned on fortifications in any number of plays.
Plock taken As Germany, capture Plock before 6th September.
Polish Soviet Republic As USSR, capture Warsaw without entering war with Germany.
POW Make an enemy unit surrender.
Pozna defended As Poland, hold Poznan until 12th September.
Poznan taken As Germany, capture Poznan before 7th September.
Przemysl taken As Germany, capture Przemysl before 10th September.
Radom taken As Germany, capture Radom before 5th September.
Rzeszow taken As Germany, capture Rzeszow before 6th September.
Slovakian Tatras As Slovakia, capture Jaslo before 4th September.
Take No Prisoners Make an enemy unit withdraw
Torun defended As Poland, hold Torun until 10th September.
Torun taken As Germany, capture Torun before 5th September.
Tuchola Forest As Germany, capture the whole Tuchola Forest.
Vilnius defended As Poland, hold Vilnius until 22nd September.
Vilnius taken As USSR, capture Vilnius before 19th September.
Warsaw Has Fallen As Germany, capture Warsaw before 20th September.
Wloclawek defended As Poland, hold Wloclawek until 16th September.
Wloclawek taken As Germany, capture Wloclawek before 10th September.

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