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  Mechcommander [cheats updated]
Use Windows Explorer to enter the game directory and create a copy of the
"" file and name it as "ixtlriimceourl". Note: The file must be
renamed "buymechcommander.2" in earlier versions of the game. Copy and rename
"" so both filenames are present if the game's patch status is
unknown. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to
activate the corresponding cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code
entry. Note: Repeated use of some of the codes may crash the game.

Effect Screen Code

Restore ammo and armor During mission lorrie
Toggle God mode During mission osmium
Full map During mission mineeyeshaveseentheglory
Maximum gunnery skill fur During mission deadeye
current mission
Press B + Left Mouse During mission lordbunny
Button for unlimited
artillery strikes
Display frame rate graph During mission framegraph
Successfully complete During mission [Ctrl] + [Alt] + W
Heal wounded pilots During mission healall
Fully salvage destroyed Start of mission glennrocksthehouse or
Mechs getsalvage
One of each item Logistics phase hereitcomes
No weight limit on current Logistics phase rockandrollpeople or
mission keepthehammerdown
1,000,000 resource points Logistics phase poundofflesh

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