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  Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty v2.0.8.25604 [trainer +19]

NUM 0 + 10.000 Crystals

NUM 1 + 10.000 Vespine

NUM 2 No Unit Limit

NUM 3 Unlimited Credits

NUM 4 Instant Build Units / Upgrades

NUM 5 Instant Build Buildings

NUM 6 Instant Health Units / Buildings

NUM 7 Unlimited Units Energy

NUM 8 Unlimited Mercenaries

NUM 9 No Cooldown (Mercenaries)

NUM * Reveal Complete Map

NUM + Max Protoss Research Points

NUM - Max Zerg Research Points

Shift + NUM * Set Mission Timer to 00:00

Shift + NUM - Decrease Mission Timer

Shift + NUM + Increase Mission Timer

F1 Enable "Lost Viking" Cheats

F2 Unlimited Lifes

F3 Unlimited Bombs

F4 Get 99.999.999 Points


NUM 3 - Unlimited Credits
with this option enabled you will have unlimited
credits at the "armory"
activate this option before you use the console
in the arsenal

NUM 5 - Instant Build Buildings
with this option enabled you will have to repair
the buildings or you use the instant health cheat

NUM 6 - Instant Health Units / Buildings
this option affects only your buildings and "normal"
units its not affecting your heros
you can use this cheat also for the "Lost Viking"
minigame in the cantina
if this option is enabled your viking can't
be destroyed

NUM-/+ Max Research Points
first... start a mission and use your desired option
succesfully end this mission and go to the
laboratory to see the effect...

Shift + NUM */-/+ - Mission Timer
increase or decrease the mission timer by 2 minutes.

Lost Viking Cheat Options
no need to explain this a little bit more
only one thing to say... with F1 you can activate
or deactivate the cheat options

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