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  Farm for Your Life [cheats]
Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

Architect You are the new Michelangelo.
Daredevil Next up: Jumping the shark.
Developer Even us developers need a little encouragement from time to time.
Diva Looking fabulous takes effort.
Farmers Market Get all the fruit.
Fruit Ninja The student has become the master.
Full House Your hospitality is outstanding.
Full Restaurant This place is packed.
Gatherer The first humans would be proud.
Golden Axe You found the golden axe.
Golden Chicken You found the golden chicken.
Golden Hammer You found the golden hammer.
Golden Scythe You found the golden scythe.
Golden Shovel You found the golden shovel.
Gravedigger There are no rules in an apocalypse.
Hard Worker To get anywhere in live, you have to work smart and work hard.
Hoarder You never know when you might need that again.
Hunter They picked the wrong person to mess with!
Mother Teresa Faith in humanity restored.
No Deal! It's survival of the fittest.
Oiled Machine It doesn't get more efficient than this.
Savior Your name will be remembered for generations.
Sitting Duck It's like you are not even trying.
Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was carried.
You get a plate And you get a plate! And you get a plate! Everyone gets a plate!

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