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  Dead Island Riptide v1. [trainer +13]

Num 0 Infinite Health

Num 1 Infinite Stamina

Num 2 Unlimited Ammo

Num 3 No Reload

Num 4 Unlimited Explosives

Num 5 Best Weapon Condition

Num 6 Instant Fury

Num 7 Unl. Flashlight Energy

Num 8 +50.000 Exp. Points

Num 9 +10.000 Money

Num (Divide) No Overheating

Num * (Multiply) Set Skillpoints to 999

Num - (Sub) Easy Kills (New)

Num + (Add) Instant Level Up (New)

>>> New Cheat Option <<<

Ctrl + Num 0 Get 33 Units of an Item

About available cheats

Num 4 - Unlimited Explosives
You must have at least 2 items to make this cheat
correctly working.

Num 6 - Instant Fury
Kill one enemy and get max angry.

Num 8 - +50.000 Exp. Points
When you activate this option you will instantly
get 50.000 experience points to your current

Num 9 - +10.000 Money
This cheat is toggleable...
Everytime you open the inventory 10.000 units
will be added to your current ammount of money.
Deactivate it when you think you had enough. :-)

Num (Divide) - No Overheating
This is realy simple. When You drive a boat the
engine will not overheat with this option.

Num * (Multiply) - Set Skillpoints to 999
First... When you used other (different) trainers
before then its possible that this cheat will not
work as expected.
When you activate this option your maximum amount
of points will be set to 999 units. When you had
already upgraded some skills this value will be
subtracted from the max value.
Example... When you spent already 5 points for
upgrades then the game will show the value 94.

Num + (Add) - Instant Level Up
This cheat will not level up your charakter...
This option will level up your weapon skills
instantly to level 10...
Activate this option and go to the skills menu
to see the effect...

CTRL + Num 0 - Get 33 Units of an Item
Use this option only at your inventory...
Use it by this way...
Open your inventory, activate the option and
on the item of your choice. Deactivate the option
and reopen your inventory to see the effect...

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