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  Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [trainer +14]

[ Installation Instructions ]컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 컴

1. Extract the trainer to game directory/desktop or wherever you like.
2. Run the trainer as Administrator (Right click on trainer > Run as admin).
3. Run the game from either within the trainer itself or separately. Doesn't matter
how you do it, just start the game.
4. Press F2 to ACTIVATE THE trainer.
5. Press the desired hotkeys.

and last but the most important one
6. Donate to us, you do want to keep us alive right ?

[ TRAINER OPTIONS ]컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 컴

Please follow all or most of these steps, failure doing so may cause game to
crash or trainer to not work.

1.Always run trainer in Administrative mode

2.Any Security Software such as Antiviruses/Firewalls should be temporarily
disabled/uninstalled and the trainer added to their exception list. It is
imperative you both add the trainer to exception list and also disable the AV.
This is because secuity softwares block the functioning of trainer.

If disabling AV/adding trainer to exception list doesn't help, please uninstall
your antivirus/security software completely!.

3.Sometimes, you may need to run the trainer in compatibility mode, so if it
doesn't work even with following above steps, try to run it in compatibility

Because the executable is packed with public packers, your Antivirus may
flag it as malware based on hueristics, this is FALSE-POSITIVES!.
Add the trainer to your AV exception list AND then disable the
antivirus for the trainer to work!.
Last time i checked, only 1 AV caused a false-positive on my trainers
and that AV is a cheap crappy Antivirus not used by many so you should
be fine. If you happen to have that AV, just disable it and add the
trainer to its exception list.

The trainer must be activated FIRST by pressing the F2 key and then pressing the
following keys in game.

Hotkey Option

F2 - Activate Trainer

NUMPAD1 - Never Die (*NOTE)
NUMPAD2 - Single Hit Kills (*NOTE)
NUMPAD3 - No Reload
NUMPAD4 - Ammo Infinitum
NUMPAD5 - Infinite Grenades
NUMPAD6 - Super Speed
NUMPAD7 - Super Jump

**Teleport System **
F6 - Save Position
F7 - Load Position

NOTE: These are NOT numpad keys, but the simple 1,2,3 keys on keyboard.


4 - Super Fire
/ - Automatic RAPiD Fire

6 - Freeze A.I
7 - Disable Freeze A.I

8 - Amplify Vision
9 - Reset Vision

ADD(+) - Add 5000 XP/Massive Money (*READ NOTEs)



Never Die:
You won't die from anything and be untouchable, explosions, bombs blasts, helicopters firing etc.
This option is different from other trainers in that the enemies will for the most part IGNORE
you and fire at your allies or other imaginary spots. You won't get the ugly screen shaking
animation as well so you can jump into firefights and still get normal view.

Single Hit Kills:
This is a single hit option but slightly different in that, it will actually push/throw enemies
a little upon impact of your bullets making it look like they got hit by a blast and not a
bullet. Very cool and kills them effectively, sometimes throwing them in air a little.

Super Fire:
This is kind of a rapid fire option, however, i like to call it super fire instead because this
will make your rate of fire humongous and way rapid than you usually see. Combine this with
No reload option to achieve full effect.

Automatic RAPiD Fire:
This options adds to the above. What it does is make your weapon SUPER/RAPID FIRE automatically
so you don't need to press any key. This is an improved version of the above option in that
it automatically fires and also it has even greater rate of fire/spread and damage!. Very effective
for cleaning your immediate and far map, no one would stand a second in front of your rapid firing.
Combine with one hit kill and you will become a deadly killing machine mhahahaa! :)

Freeze A.I:
Freezes NPC characters at whatever spot they were and action they were performing. If they were
running, they will keep running etc. You can kill them and then disable this option to see them
drop to earth like a feather hehe.

Pretty standard vision modification function that comes with my trainers. So if you have
used my trainers before, you can skip this section.

Amplify Vision:
This option will modify your character vision and amplify by 10000x or how much you want
it to. Pressing this key will increase your vision by a small amount, keep pressing this
key and your vision will start amplifying until you reach your desired magnification value.
Now there are so many things that can be done with this option.

Combine it with the above option and you can take out enemies from other end of the map,
become a super sniper man without needing a scope on your rifle and even with just using
your pistol!!. This can even be used with a scope, enable the scope and keep pressing this
option, your scope will zoom and keep zoom till you keep pressing the key.

Using this and the above option together, i was able to take out enemies from such a great
distance, they weren't visible without the vision amplification and they had no idea what hit
them hehe.

Reset Vision:
Resets your vision to normal character range.

Add 5000 XP/Specs OPs Points/Massive Money:
Adds 5000 xp/spec ops points to your current ones. You will see it take effect after
you shoot someone or change your xp. Although i haven't encountered any issues with it,
i'd still recommend disabling it when you're done with it and use it sparingly. The perfect
use would be enabling it when you're about kill someone to make it take effect and then disabling
it and continuing the cycle. Or not, abuse it as you like ;)

This will also keep adding massive amount of money. Disable it to not overload.

Have fun with them and let me know if you encounter any bugs(highly unlikely).


[ GREETINGS ]컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 컴

Greetings to iNTANGiBLE, DEViL, DeadlyData, genuine, RiSiCO for helping
with DVT when it needed help the most, my deadly ninja turtle who never cease to
amaze me with his skills(he's a playa and the evil kind), my girlfriends
the sweet embrace of whom lets me live life a lot better, peeps at DVT
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UNLEASHED and plenty more.....but the best of them all
always and forever

dEViATED!! ;)

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