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  Command and Conquer 3 - Kane Wrath v1.02 [trainer +9] STEAM
Hotkeys Funktion
Num 1 +100.000 Money

Num 2 Infinite Energy

Num 3 Instant Build

Num 4 Reveal Map

Num 5 Instant Sidebar Powers

Num 6 Buildings Super Health

Num 7 Buildings Weaken Health

Num 8 Units Super Health

Num 9 Units Weaken Health

Num 2 - Inf. Energy
This option sets your energy consumption to zero.

Num 3 - Instant Build
This will affect also the research time...

Num 6/7 - Buildings Super/Weaken Health
This option also affects heavy units like tanks...
This option is for enemys and friendly buildings.
Activate this option and when you've done your
choices than deactivate it again...

Num 8/9 - Units Super/Weaken Health
This option is working like this for the buildings
and heavy units.
Its also working for friendly and enemy units...

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