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  Dollar Dash [PS3]

There are 19 Bronze Trophies and 1 Silver Trophy.

Bronze - Boss - Acquire rank Boss.
Bronze - Boulder Dash - In an online game, hit 3 human players with a single boulder.
Bronze - Boxer - Knock out an opponent with melee attacks.
Bronze - Capo - Acquire rank Capo.
Bronze - Customized - Win an online game with a custom hat, face & dance.
Bronze - Drunkard - Suffer beer damage 10 times in a single match.
Bronze - Fully loaded - Buy every shop item.
Bronze - Highest Rank - Acquire highest rank.
Silver - Homerun - In an online game, deposit a full bag of $1000 at the getaway car.
Bronze - Inseparable - Win a Save the Safe match without losing the safe (online).
Bronze - Magpie escape - Outrun a magpie.
Bronze - Master of Dollar Dash - Win 5 games or finish 20 games in mode Dollar Dash (online).
Bronze - Master of Hit'n'Run - Win 5 games or finish 20 games in mode Hit'n'Run (online).
Bronze - Master of the Safe! - Win 5 games or finish 20 games in mode Save the Safe (online).
Bronze - Missile Defense System - Bounce a nuke with Jelly.
Bronze - My first robbery - Complete the Boot Camp.
Bronze - Taunted - Use both taunts and win an online match.
Bronze - Thief - Steal $1000 in a single match from other players.
Bronze - Tight Win - Win an online match with a lead of $100.
Bronze - Untouchable - Win one game in Mode Hit'n'Run without beeing knocked out by other players (online).

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