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  Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends V1.00 [trainer +12]
aka Shin Sangokumusou 7: Moushouden

Instructions for use:

1 Open Game
2 Open Modifier
3 Modify the game (modified after the current option becomes red font)
4 to continue the game (successfully modified)

Modifier Description:

Ctrl + F1 unlimited blood
Ctrl + F2 one hit kill
Ctrl + F3 full value of energy
Ctrl + F4 Musou Mode Charge full value
Ctrl + F5 Musou mode unlimited time
Ctrl + F6 kill ten times the number of
Ctrl + F7 kill ordinary state Unlimited
Ctrl + F8 Musou mode unlimited slay
Ctrl + F9 unlimited money
Ctrl + F10 shoes infinite time

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