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  Fistful of Frags [cheats]
Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

A Fistful of Dynamite - Get some kills with explosive chain reaction effect (their own dynamite kills them).
Best Friends - Kill a few Steam friends with bare hands.
Defuser - Pick lit dynamite sticks thrown by other players.
Detonator - Get some kills shooting at a lit dynamite.
Dutch Courage - Kill some enemies while being under whiskey's effect.
Frag Robber - Kill some enemies severely injured by another player, while that player is still close to the victim.
Kick their asses - Kick some enemies into water, fire or a large fall.
Level: Gunfighter - Complete 100 games.
Level: Legend - Complete 500 games.
Level: Rancher - Complete 25 games.
More Dead Than Alive - Get some frags while your health is lower than 15 HP.
My Name is Nobody - Your first kill in a game among other human players.
Overpowered - Kill enemies with dual Colt Walkers.
Overweighted - Kill enemies while reaching 100% overweight due weapon accumulation.
Robin Hood - Make headshots with bow from long range.
The Unforgiven - Kill enemies ending their streak of 7 or more kills.

Easy "Frag Robber" and "More Dead Than Alive" achievements:
Hit an enemy and light some dynamite. Hold the explosive and remain close to
the enemy. Blow yourself and the enemy up. Note: To earn "Frag Robber" the
enemy must hit you.

Easy "Ghost Buster" achievement:
Enable the bind key dyn_throw command to allow you to keep throwing dynamite
and kill the ghosts easily.

Shoot the barrels with regular guns to make them explode. The ghostly guns you
spawn with have no effect on barrels.

Easy "Level: Gunfighter" achievement:
Create a game with a 1 minute time limit without bots. If the achievement does
not become available after 100 games, go online and kill anyone.

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