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  Dark Souls 2 V1.02 [trainer +24]
This trainer is tested and reported working fine on v1.02 of Dark Souls 2 on RETAiL/STEAM platform.

Please use this trainer in offline mode with steam in offline mode. We only
support and can guarantee that this trainer works and is safe for single player
usage and that is the 100% legal and proper intended usage of this trainer.

Although this trainer may or may not work online, in no way will we be
held responsible if you use this trainer for online or multiplayer modes.


۰ ۰
i n s t a l l n o t e s ߰


Please follow all or most of these steps, failure doing so may cause game to
crash or trainer to not work.

1.Always run trainer in Administrative mode. I can't emphasize this enough.

2.Any Security Software such as Antiviruses/Firewalls should be temporarily
disabled/uninstalled and the trainer added to their exception list. It is
imperative you both add the trainer to exception list and also disable the AV.
This is because secuity softwares block the functioning of trainer.

If disabling AV/adding trainer to exception list doesn't help, please uninstall
your antivirus/security software completely!.

3.Sometimes, you may need to run the trainer in compatibility mode, so if it
doesn't work even with following above steps, try to run it in compatibility

4.Activate the options only when the mission is loaded. This is especially
important for some games which don't load data until a mission is loaded.

Because the executable is packed with public packers, your Antivirus may
flag it as malware based on hueristics, this is FALSE-POSITIVES!.
Add the trainer to your AV exception list AND then disable the
antivirus for the trainer to work!.

۰ ۰
t r a i n e r o p t i o n s ߰


The trainer must be activated FIRST by pressing the F2 key and then pressing the
following keys in game. You should hear a beep when trainer activates and the music
should stop.

** This trainer features CUSTOMIZABLE HOTKEYS. Each hotkey can be customized except
the F2 activation key.

Hotkey Option

F2 - Activate Trainer

NUMPAD1 - Never Die
NUMPAD2 - Add 100000 Souls
NUMPAD3 - Infinite Stamina
NUMPAD4 - Increase Max Health by 100
NUMPAD5 - One Hit Kills
NUMPAD7 - Decrease Max Health by 100
NUMPAD8 - Increase Souls Memory
NUMPAD9 - Infinite Belt Slot Items
NUMPAD0 - Infinite Durability(Equipment/Weapons/Items)

F3 - Infinite Torch
F4 - Infinite Item Usage
F5 - Infinite Souls (999999999)
F6 - Decrease Souls Memory
F7 - Super Stats/Attributes
F8 - Reset Stats/Attributes



Mass Kills:
Kills every enemy/monster/soul on the current map except you ofcourse :). Very
useful for killing horde of enemies with just a button press. Disable this
option after use as you don't want to kill enemies yet not completely loaded
for completion of story.

Please turn off this option after usage. You don't need to keep it enabled
anyway and i haven't noticed any bugs if you keep this on but because it affects
a lot of stats, its best to use it as needed.

The add option will add 100000 souls each press. If you need to add more, you
can KEEP THE HOTKEY PRESSED and it will keep adding souls, instead of
pressing it again and again to add more souls.

Memory Souls:
With the decrease option if you have 0 memory souls or less than a 1000 and press
the decrease memory souls option your memory souls will show as "-" on screen
as they become negative. Just use the add memory souls option to see the true
soul number on screen again.

Have fun with this and let me know if you notice any bugs.


(c) 1997-2018 Gameguru Mania