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  Epigenesis [cheats]
Various Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

Airborne! - Stay airborne for 15 seconds.
Desecrate Agros Homeland - Win as Omani 10 times on Agros Arena.
Desecrate Omani Homelands - Win as Agros 10 times on Omani Arena.
Hattrick! - Score 3 goals in one match.
Iron Defense - Grab the ball with a melee hit while the enemy is on your goal platform.
Longshot - Score a goal from a long distance.
Marksman - Make 10 consecutive hits with railgun.
Not a Beginner, Not a Pro - Win 10 Games!
Promode, Activated! - Win 500 games.
Splash Damage - Hit 5 players with the projectile based weapon.
Tactician - Use every pickup in one life.

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