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  Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar [cheats]
Various Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

Acquire a Knowledge of these Particulars - Discover all regions in Chapter 3.
All Gaul Subdued - Finish Chapter 2.
All That is Gold Does not Glitter - Capture 100 Mines.
As the Eagle Flies - Discover 50% of All Regions.
Besieged Night and Day - Capture 100 Enemy Cities.
Born in the Island Itself - Win Sandbox as a Briton Faction.
Britannia Rule the Waves - Sink 100 ships as a Briton Faction.
Compelled by the Want of Everything - Win the Battle of Bibracte.
Cry Havoc - Defeat 1000 Enemies.
Et Tu, Brute? - Defeat a Roman Faction as Another Roman Faction.
Everything the Light Touches - Discover 100% of All Regions.
Few Casualties of War - Finish Chapter 4 while losing fewer than 10 units.
Few Wounds Themselves - Finish Chapter 3 while losing less than 10 units.
Fit for Encampment - Capture/Build 100 Camps.
For an Island's Worth of Tribute - Occupy Britannia (Chapter 3).
Forced Marches by Day and Night - Finish Chapter 4 in less than 100 days.
Fortune Favours the Bold - Have 10,000 Total Income.
Good Use of Endless Forests - Capture 100 Logging Camps.
Greatness of Spirit - Win the Battle of the Sabis.
Greatness of Spirit Rendered These Actions Easy - Finish Chapter 2 while losing fewer than 5 units.
He Who Perseveres, Conquers - Win Sandbox as 25 Different Factions.
I'm Spartacus! - Capture Romans as Slaves.
If You Want Peace, Prepare for War - Promote 100 Officers.
Learned Through His Scouts - Discover all Regions in Chapter 2.
Let Slip the Dogs of War - Defeat 5000 Enemies.
Make Haste Slowly - Finish Chapter 1 in Fewer than 30 Days.
Matters Quickly Executed - Finish Chapter 3 in fewer than 100 days.
Memento Mori - Capture 1000 Slaves.
No, I'm Spartacus! - Conquer All Roman Territory with a Non-Roman Faction.
Nothing Better Becomes the Well-Bred than Agriculture - Capture 100 Farms/Fisheries/Cattle Farms.
Pons Facere - Build 100 Bridges.
Reconnoitered the Country - Discover all Regions in Chapter 4.
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day - Play 100 Hours Unpaused.
Seize Upon the Summits of the Alps - Capture All Salasii Cities during Chapter 1.
The Bounty of the Forests - Harvest 10,000 Wood.
The Bravest of These - Win Sandbox as a Gallic Faction.
The Die is Cast - Finish Chapter 4.
The Harvest of Victory - Win Sandbox as 10 Different Factions.
The Vastness of the Forests - Discover All Regions in Chapter 1.
Their Territories Laid Waste - Finish Chapter 3.
Then Fall, Caesar! - First Time Caesar Falls in Battle.
Then I Will Walk 500 More - March 1000 km.
Two Important Wars in One Campaign - Finish Chapter 1.
Unguarded and Unprepared - Defeat Ambiorix (Chapter 4).
Veni, Vidi, Vici - Finish All Four Chapters.
Vir Triumphalis - Win Sandbox as a Roman Faction.
Well Armed and Flushed with Success - Finish Chapter 1 while losing fewer than 5 units.
Well Done is Quickly Done - Finish Chapter 2 in fewer than 40 days.
What they Might Win by their Blood - Win Sandbox as a Germanic Faction.
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire - Raid 100 Farms.
Wherein We Fortify - Build 100 Upgrades.
You Reap What You Sow - Harvest 10,000 Food.
Your Swords, Made Rich - Defeat 500 Enemies.

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