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  Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut [Xbox One]

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Transformer (10 Points): Transform Into Strike Suit For The First Time.
Strike Suit Evolved (20 Points): Unlock An Upgrade.
Strike Suit Combo (80 Points): Destroy 5 Targets At Once In Strike Mode.
Lucky Strike (100 Points): Destroy A Black Fleet Interceptor With Rockets.
Save Earth (100 Points): Reach The End Of The Game.
Completist (100 Points): Unlock Everything.
Strike Fast (100 Points): Complete Last Mission In Less Than 7 Minutes.
Save Earth’s Future (100 Points): Get A Better Ending.
Shoot The Moon (70 Points): You Can Shoot The Moon... We’re Just Not Telling You How.
Strike Three! (80 points): Kill 3 Or More Targets With A Single Blast Of The Raptor's Cannon.
Take One For The Team (70 Points): Survive A Direct Torpedo Hit In The Marauder.
Obey Control (70 Points): Heroes Of The Fleet - No Win Scenario: Die By Ramming Into A Torpedo Or The Hull Of A Ship.
Exit Simulation (100 Points): Beat The Heroes Of The Fleet Campaign.

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