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  R.B.I. Baseball 14 [Xbox 360]
Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement - How to unlock

Batting Around (20 points) - Get 9 plate appearances in the same inning against the CPU.
Eye on the Ball (10 points) - In a 9-inning game against the CPU, donít get struck out by the starting pitcher.
Fully Threaded (100 points) - Complete 5 R.B.I. Challenges.
Maximum Squeeze (10 points) - Hit a walk-off bunt against the CPU in the 9th inning.
Mr. October (30 points) - Make it to the Postseason.
Name of the Game (30 points) - Get 1000 RBIs.
Old School (5 points) - Throw the ball away.
Perfection in the Work (30 points) - Pitch a combined perfect game against the CPU.
Power and Precision (20 points) - Hit 100 home runs.
Sandlot Pro (20 points) - Win by Mercy Rule against the CPU.
Slam Master (20 points) - Hit 5 grand slams.
Strikeout King (25 points) - Strike out 1000 batters.
Sweep City (30 points) - Win the World Series without ever losing a Postseason game.
Target Locked (10 points) - Throw a CPU runner out at home with a Fast Throw from the outfield.
Top to Bottom (20 points) - Hit a home run with a pitcher against the CPU.
Worthy Challenger (20 points) - Complete 1 R.B.I. Challenge.

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