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  Burning Cars [cheats]
Various Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Champion! Win the championship at easy difficulty!
Demolition Man Destroy an opponent while receiving the weapon amplifier bonus.
Don't give up! Continue your career after failing to win a cup.
Engineer Purchase an engine upgrade.
Explosives Expert Destroy an opponent with a mine.
Looter Pick up 10 cash bonuses while racing.
Nitro Burner Use nitrous 50 times.
Now this is a Real CAR! Purchase the buggy.
Pacifist Win a race completely unarmed.
Peacekeeper Win a race without firing any equipped weapons.
Pheonix Pick up a health bonus when vehicle HP is less than 1.
Real Fighter Earn $10,000 from destroying opponents.
Rich man Earn $200,000 from racing.
True Champion! Win the championship at hard difficulty!
Winner! Come first place in a race.

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