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  Dark Souls II [cheats]
Unlimited Souls (Exploit):
Find a corpse with an item or souls, and grab the loot. Now make a fatal leap off the nearest ledge. As soon as you die, quickly press the appropriate button to bring up the option to quit your game. When you restart, you will be at the last bonfire with whatever you picked up from the body now located within your inventory. If you go find the body, the item should also be waiting on the body, allowing you to pick it up again and repeat the process as often as desired.

Secret Use for the Petrified Something:
The Petrified Something is an optional starting item Gift in Dark Souls 2. Available during Character Creation, the item has no apparent purpose. However, when placed in the bird's nest in the game's very first area, Things Betwixt, the Petrified Something may be exchanged a random item, from a near-useless Old Whip to the extremely precious Twinkling Titanite, an item which allows players to upgrade equipment otherwise resistant to improvement.

Easy Trick to Defeat The Pursuer:
The Pursuer can be weakened 99% by a single shot from one of the Ballista set-pieces in his boss arena. Lining him up requires some pretty precise timing, but a clean hit all but destroys him.

False Wall in No-Man's Wharf:
Near the far edge of No-Man's Wharf is a small room full of jars containing
poison. Two guards sleep at the table. The wall behind them is false and can
be blown out with a spell. Hidden behind are a number of Souls and the useful
Royal Soldiers Ring.

Majula mansion key:
There is a locked two-story mansion in the back corner of Majula, just by the
armor shop. To obtain the key that unlocks it, go to the Forest Of The Fallen
Giants and near the bonfire you'll find a path on a road leading down next to
the cliffs. Defeat the Cardinal Tower bonfire, then go down the ladder and
defeat the two enemies near the arched bridge. Once done, enter the door on
the left and walk through the white mist to enter a tougher area. Walk up the
sloping tree and drop down onto the rooftop to your right, then jump over to
the scaffolding and enter the cave. Wait close to the entrance until a big
boulder rolls past, then continue up the passage to your left to reach the
cartographer. Speak with the cartographer several times until he gives you the
key, then return to the mansion door in Majula and open it. Deep inside the
basement of the mansion is a map of the continent. Proceed down the steps into
a small ruin to find your reward; a Soul Vessel in a treasure chest and an Estus
Flask upgrade on a dead body.

Forgotten Key Location:
* Travel to the Hidden Chamber Bonfire in the Black Gulch. Reach it by exploring
the ledge to the right of the entrance into the Rotten’s arena.
* From the bonfire, back track to the ledge looking over a deep pit. Bring a torch and follow the ledge until spotting a platform below. It should be near an area full of black pools where spider-like abyssal creatures ambush any undead.
* From the first platform, you’ll find a locked Forgotten door. This leads into
another encounter with Darkdiver Grandahl, which you’ll need to unlock the Dark Chasm of the Abyss secret area.
* Look below, and drop down to a second, lower platform. Through the cave entrance,you’ll find two Giants. Defeat them to earn the Forgotten Key. In the back of this area, you can also collect a Fragrant Branch of Yore from the treasure chest.

Forgotten Door Locations:
* The Black Gulch: Located above the giant cave described above. The door leads
to Darkdiver Grandahl, who will open a portal to the Dark Chasm of the Abyss
if you find all three of his locations.
* The Gutter: Located in a cave in the Gutter. Unlock to find Havel’s armor set.

* Majula: Once you purchase a ladder, climb down to find another ladder leading
to the locked door. Contains 3 treasure chests.

How to Find Havel’s Armor:
Start from the first bonfire in the Gutter. From here, turn and jump down to another rickety building below where you’ll find a ladder. Climb up and enter the dark cave full of poison-spitting figures. Fight through them, and open the forgotten door. There are even more poison-spitters inside, and a vase near the back wall. Smash it to collect Havel’s Armor — one of the most useful heavy armor sets from Dark Souls 1.

How to Reach the Darklurker:
* Once you’ve opened the gate to the Dark Chasm of Old, you’ll need to reach three sections of the area. In each one, you’ll face a series of opponents to defeat.
* Bring them down, then light the sconce at the end with your torch. Light all three braziers to activate the elevator leading to the Darklurker after speaking with Grandahl.
* If you die in the Abyss, you’ll have to offer a Human Effigy to Grandahl to re-open the portal.
* Once you’re Rank 2 in the Covenant, the elevator inside the Dark Chasm of Old will activate. Travel there through the Drangleic Castle portal.

Where to Find the Secret Dragon Memory:
* Once you have the Ashen Mist Heart, travel to the Duke’s Dear Freja arena. A new crystal will appear under the hollowed dragon. Interact with it to enter the Dragon Memory.
* This barren wasteland resembles the dragon battleground described in Dark Souls 1. Interact with the ancient dragon’s corpse ahead to gain an Ancient Dragon Soul.

How To Unlock New Game Plus Mode:
The New Game + option returns in Dark Souls 2, to unlock it you first have to finish the game by defeating the final boss. After you kill the final boss, you’ll get a prompt asking you if you want to continue your journey once again.
* By saying “Yes” you’ll start the New Game + mode, where you’ll encounter: greater challenges, once again face off against the game’s bosses all alone; while still carrying over your inventory from the first playthrough.
* By saying “No” you’ll still be able to play the game normally. And once you change your mind, you can go to the Far Fire bonfire in Majula and still choose the New Game + option.

Soul Vessels Item Locations:
1: Inside the locked mansion in Majula. Learn how to acquire the mansion key here.
Open the chest in the back of the mansion to find the first Soul Vessel.
2: After bringing four merchants to Majula, speak with Crestfallen Saulden and he’ll reward you.
3: Behind a Pharros Lockstone in the Lost Bastille. Near McDuff’s Workshop, found behind wooden planks.
4: Inside Drangleic Castle, after reaching the huge elevator tower. At the top of the lift, look in the chest behind the strange cage.
5: At the Undead Crypt, you’ll be able to create a shortcut by lowering a bridge. Look down and drop onto the platform below the shortcut.
6: Remember where you first met the Pursuer? After acquiring the means to enter
memories, interact with the fallen giant tree to create the Memory of Orro. A Soul Vessel can be found here.

Change Character Gender:
Right after Things Betwixt, in the game's first area, you should notice a small beach with two ogres. Behind those ogres, you'll see a partially opened coffin. If you hop into the coffin, you can switch your character's gender. The coffin apparently does not serve any other purpose.

Option Boss: Darklurker:
This secret boss is located in the Dark Chasm Of Old, past a series of powerful
enemies. Also, joining the "Pilgrims Of Dark" covenant and reaching Rank 2 is
required. After opening the gate to the Dark Chasm Of Old, you must reach and defeat a series of enemies in three sections in the area. Defeat the enemies in each section, and light the sconce at the end with your torch. Light all three braziers and talk to Grandahl to activate the elevator leading to the Darklurker. Note: If you die in the Abyss you must offer a Human Effigy to Grandahl to re-open the portal. When you are Rank 2 in the covenant, the elevator inside the Dark Chasm Of Old will activate. Travel through the Drangleic Castle portal to reach it.

Secret Dragon Memory:
Towards the end of the game, you will have to travel to the Dragon Shrine to obtain the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon. The Ashen Mist Heart allows you to travel into the dark memories of the past. You can use the key on hollowed giants in the Forest Of Fallen Giants. You must fight the Giant Lord by entering one of these memories to proceed. However, there is also a secret place to use the Ashen Mist Heart. After obtaining the Ashen Mist Heart, travel to the Duke's Dear Freja arena, and a new crystal will appear under the hollowed dragon. Interact with it to enter the Dragon Memory. You will be taken to an arid wasteland resembling the dragon battleground described in the original Dark Souls. Interact with the ancient dragon's corpse to acquire an Ancient Dragon Soul.

How to kill while tied by double curse?
Take garrison shield, take Sword +10 Thunder, wearing edge of the ring, three dragon ring, flower ring, wearing lighter suits or naked, rolling back fast is fast finishing win guarantee. After the door dual wielding sword, go away right in front of a few columns, and then rushed to chop buildup has not completely tied drilled curse the ground who can chop 3 Next caused over 1,600 injuries, generally he will curse the thrusting sword, or roll back distance dodge. Adjust the viewing angle, often switch to lock the target, keeping both in the field of vision, holding shields single holding sword, and so a complete move out of a big stiff when R1, generally more than 400 points of damage, good
luck guy can flat cut in two , avoid greed knife, quick to grasp the timely release shield back fine, the battle continuous roll is very important, and so the two are hard to recruit a finished or are in the straight and moves farther away when Yao. Note must use roll dodge his Shield, or will be playing defense collapse empty energy bar, can easily be washed Laikan in another.

Resetting soul level:
To reset any allocated soul level points to their base class stats, take a Soul Vessel to the Old Firekeepers in Things Betwixt. The Soul Vessel is a rare item that can only be used once. The Soul Vessel can be found at the following locations:

1.It is inside the locked mansion in Majula. Use the "Opening the mansion door in Majula" hint to learn how to enter the mansion. Open the chest in the back of the mansion to obtain a Soul Vessel.
2.After bringing four merchants to Majula, speak with Crestfallen Saulden to be rewarded with a Soul Vessel.
3.There is a Soul Vessel behind a Pharros Lockstone in the Lost Bastille. It is near McDuff's workshop, behind some wooden planks.
4.There is a Soul Vessel inside the Drangleic Castle, near the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire. After reaching the giant elevator tower and taking the elevator to the top, look in the chest behind the cage to find it.
5.In the Undead Crypt near the Undead Ditch bonfire, you can create a shortcut by lowering a bridge. After lowering the bridge, look down and drop onto the platform below to find a Soul Vessel.
6.After acquiring the ability to enter memories, interact with the fallen giant tree (where you first met the Pursuer) to create the Memory Of Orro. A Soul Vessel can be found in the memory.

Easy Trick to Defeat the Executioner's Chariot Boss:
In the Arena, kill the first Necromancer enemy, along with any nearby skeletons. Stay in the door area and cast Affinity. As the chariot drives past, the spell will hit it. In this manner, you can kill Executioner's Chariot boss without moving further into the area or lowering the gate.

Changing character's gender:
Go to the small beach that has two ogres immediately after Things Betwixt. Behind the ogres is a partially opened coffin. Enter the coffin to switch your character's gender.

Reaching Shulva – Sanctum City ("Crown Of The Sunken King" DLC):
First, make sure the Dragon's Talon is in your inventory. You can examine it in the "Key" section. Teleport to the Black Gulch bonfires. Travel to the "Hidden Chamber" bonfire by going along the right side cliff's edge outside the Rotten's area. Note: Defeat Rotten now if you have not already done so in order to reach the Primal Bonfire. Once there, you will see multiple stone obelisks with inscriptions. Interact with the center obelisk to teleport to a room with a massive doorway. Interact with the gates and use the Dragon's Talon to open
the lock to access Shulva – Sanctum City. Note: The Ashen Mist Heart may also be required before the Dragon's Talon will unlock the gates.

Royal Soldiers Ring:
Look around the far edge of No-Man's Wharf to find a small room full of poison jars. The wall behind the two guards sleeping at the table is false. Use a speel to breach it to find some souls and the Royal Soldiers Ring.

Finding Felkin The Outcast:
Felkin is located at the very beginning of Huntsman's Corpse, before the first bonfire. You will need a base of 8 Faith and Intelligence in order to gain access to him. If you have 20 Faith or Intelligence, he will also give you the Hexer Set and Sunset Staff.

Defeating Elana, the Squalid Queen ("Crown Of The Sunken King" DLC):
When the battle starts, rush Elana and inflict as much damage as possible before she is able to react. Besides her skeleton summons, she can use flame attacks and a spear at close range. After the skeletons spawn, back up to avoid an ambush. You can ignore them unless they charge you. While attacking Elana, you will also be hitting the skeletons. Keep moving to avoid Elana's ranged flame spells and move toward her. If you can remain behind her while you attack, you can avoid most of her damage and some of the skeletons. Elana will occasionally teleport, then usually cast another spell when she reappears. Due to the length of her casting time, you can get one or two free hits before dodging the spell. Stay focused on Elana's back and continuously move to avoid her spells and attacks. You will be rewarded with the Soul of Elana, the Squalid Queen for defeating her. The large dragon door behind her will then open. Enter it to find a bonfire and mist doorway that leads to Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon.

Defeating Executioner's Chariot:
Kill the first Necromancer enemy and any nearby skeletons in the arena. Remain in the door area, and cast Affinity. It will hit the chariot as it drives past. Repeat this process to defeat the Executioner's Chariot boss without moving further into the area or lowering the gate.

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