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  Pictionary: Ultimate Edition [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Earn all of the other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.
Classic Completionist (Bronze): Complete a full game of classic Pictionary.
Pictionary Maniac (Bronze): Complete a full game of Pictionary Mania.
Fun with the Family (Bronze): Complete a full game of Family Fun Mode.
Persistent Picturist (Bronze): Play 50 games of Pictionary any mode.
Clue Master (Bronze): Create 20 Custom Clues.
Gallery Showing (Bronze): Create 15 Free Draw images and view them in the slideshow.
Figure Artist (Bronze): Create 10 Pictionary Man drawings.
Put me in Coach! (Bronze): Use a customized Pictionary Man in a game.
Mind Reader (Silver): Correctly guess the clue in record speed.
Slow Poke (Bronze): Fail to guess a clue before time runs out.
Bookworm (Bronze): Go through each page of the tutorial.
Shutout (Gold): Win every All Play square within one play session.
Stingy (Gold): Win without letting the other team play.
Come on Already (Bronze): Change the clue type a lot within one round of play.
Mega Maniac (Bronze): Land on 15 Mega Mania squares and correctly guess the clue.
Committed (Bronze): Complete a full length 4 Team game without continuing.
Picasso's Understudy (Bronze): Use every tool and color in one Free Draw session.
Handy Man (Silver): Use every tool and color in one Draw Round.
Mine, mine, mine! (Bronze): Steal a clue from another team.
Picasso (Silver): spend at least an hour on one Free Draw image.
Prosperous Cheater (Bronze): Cheat through the game quickly.
Quick hitter (Bronze): Play Family Fun with 10 minute time limit, low Draw Timer, and Tempus Fugit.
Resourceful (Bronze): Play Family Fun with Ink Limit mode, Random selections, and All Clue Categories.
Easy Peasy (Bronze): Play Family Fun with Junior Clues, bonuses on, penalties off, and Picturist Chooses.
See no Evil (Silver): Play Family Fun with the No Peeking modifier and the Lights Out Draw Mode.
Expert (Silver): Play Family Fun with low Draw Timer, Difficult Clue Category, Tempus Fugit, Penalties, and Rivals Choose.
Hands On (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Finger Painting mode.
Reverse Engineer (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Eraser Only mode.
Sight Beyond Sight (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Lights Out mode.
Topsy Turvy (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Which Way is Up mode.
Cant Stop Wont Stop (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Conveyor Belt mode.
Switch! (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Tool Confusion.
Pointillism (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Dots Only mode.
Vertigo (Bronze): Guess 10 clues in Rotation Frustration.
Blinded (Bronze): Guess 10 clues with the No Peeking modifier.
Waste Not Want Not (Bronze): Guess 10 clues with the Ink Limit modifier.
Switch Hitter (Bronze): Guess 10 clues with the Off Hand modifier.
Shapeshifter (Bronze): Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Shapes Tool.
Brushless (Bronze): Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Finger Paint Tool.
Just Add Water (Bronze): Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Watercolor Tool.
Guess What? (Bronze): Guess 10 Custom Clues.
Minimalist (Silver): Win a game using only one tool and one color.
I Meant to do That (Gold): Win an entire game without using the eraser or undo.
Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Guess 10 clues using mixed Draw Modes.

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