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  Fast & Furious 6: The Game [iPhone]


Carefully time your nitro use. The best time to activate it is after you've shifted up twice at the earliest.
Do not combine drift section and nitro you'll waste it.

When exiting a drift, be prepared to attend to any gear shift you need to make.
Honda Civic was a great all-round starting car, mainly because of the engine power advantage it has.

You can change gears well before the needle hits the red and without incurring any penalties.

Little while after receiving the shift warning, change gears to squeeze just a fraction further ahead of your opponent.

Spending a bit of cash on upgrading your engine in the early days, as this will give you the necessary horsepower to stay ahead of the AI pack.

Don't hit the drift button until all four wheels are in the blue box if you want to get the maximum cash bonus.

When the drift is over, make sure the vehicle is fully inside the marked area before releasing the drift button.

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