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  007 Legends [WiiU]
Cheat mode

Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. (option in the "Extras" menu)

Effect Code
Moonraker Pack: Moonraker Laser Mk2 (multiplayer) m00nlas3r

007 Pack: Walther PPK (single player and multiplayer) and
Fast Switch gadget (multiplayer) g3tb0nd

Goldfinger Pack: Goldfinger (Fort Knox) and Pussy Galore (Pilot) (multiplayer) au43v3r

James Bond (Jacket) (splitscreen)1 f1n3att1r3

Nemesis Pack: Jaws (Astronaut) and Baron Samedi (Skeleton) (multiplayer) v00d00f1sh

James Bond (Astronaut) (splitscreen)1 astr0b0y

Stealth Pack: Long Reach and Acute Hearing gadgets (multiplayer) qbranch3d

Skyfall mission, Patrice and Eve (multiplayer),

Tactical FSR, and Kowloon T-100 (multiplayer) l3g3nds

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