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  Feudalism 2 [cheats]
Horsemen strategy:
Dual wield with skills and have two weapons that do at least 130 damage (such as the skull sword).

Shogun Ghosts strategy:
Get plenty of the Great Hero from Ra-Gorod.

Any weapon on a horse:
Equip a weapon that you can use on a horse, like a bow. Then, purchase a horse. You can now just switch to any weapon desired when you are on the horse.

Easy wins hints:
-After you conquer the East empire, do not hire anything else except Shogun Ghosts. You now do not have to fight or ever die, but each costs 100,000 gold. Although they are expensive, you can save lots of gold because they are so good. Note: They can still die.

-Play as the Great Trade Republic and build a large army. Capture some towns and get more troops. Continue doing that until you win. Also, just let your troops do all the work and run from battle.

-Use Demolisher (bought at Caisarea)and put it at the first and second line. Have your Demolisher hold its position during battle. Wait until the enemy gets in the Demolisher's range. They will shoot by them selves like a catapult. Once the first wave is defeated, slowly let your army to move forward until they get at the middle of arena. Then, do not make move them anymore. Be careful of the enemy ranged units. You can put some cavaliers on the first line to distract the enemy.

-Have a custom hero with katana and crossbow skills. Buy the best katana in the Far East capital and the best crossbow at the Great Trade Republic capital. Level up the katana powers. The meteor power of the katana kills big groups. Use the crossbow (fully forged) and let your infantry take the damage while you kill the enemy from a distance.

Attack combination:
A spear, mace or dual weapons are required. Use the number one special attack to stun the enemy. Note: This requires upgraded to 5 (special move). Then, use the second and third special attack.

Forging weapons:
Go to the forge room and save the game after every forge. If you fail, reload the game. Forge to a higher or a lower level.

Flame Magic:
To get Flame Magic, get the special abilities Throwing Weapon Skill and Spear Skill at the startg of a new game. Before that, you must find the Thanatos Rune and any other rune. Then, go to Nara (east of the map by crossing water) and buy Greek Fire. Try to forge it until level 10 and enchant with the Thanatos Rune. Buy a Clover-Spike Spear and forge it to level 10. Use any desired rune to enchant it. Before you can get Flame Magic you have to also upgrade all the special skills until reaching maximum level. Equip the Greek Fire and Clover-Spike Spear. You can then use Flame Magic. Note: When using the Greek Fire of Thanatos, take second throwing skill that allows you to throw very fast. This can do about 500 to 1,000 damage on 4x4 tiles on the battlefield. It is incredibly powerful and melee enemies will not be able to reach you. When using the Clover-Spike Spear, take the last spear skill which can do Flame Spear and cause about 700 to 1,100 damage on 4x3 tiles on the battlefield. This is very useful when you are fighting a group of archers.

Taking the Far East capital:
Upgrade your Kanta skill to the last one then take over the city Izumo. Purchase Black Samurai and fill the first and second row with them. Buy plenty of Secret Elites for the reserve troops. The Secret Elites have 431 HP and will not die easily. The Black Samurai have the most powerful attack (this works only with Seig). Also get many HP potions and use Venom Cloud.

Far East Empire strategy:
Save the game before you get there and also save after you capture each city and/or town. Before you get to the higher cities, take off all your armor. The Far-East Empire's elite warrior uses a special attack with their katana that does damage according to your armor level. For example, one hit with your best armor will result in 100 points of damage, then a normal attack will kill you. Take off all your armor and fight from long range.

Order of The Holy Cross strategy:
Play as a Far East customized character. Buy about thirty apprentices if you cannot fight rogues. Fight a many rogues and purchase a boat. Go to the capital then purchase the Eclipse Katana, White Ghost shuriken, and the armor. Then, do quests and level up dexterity and whatever else is needed for the items you purchase. Equip the items and purchase many large potions. Sail to the Order Of The Holy Cross and fight the capital. Note: Upgrade your Eclipse fully if you have the katana upgrade.

Recommended troops:
-The Ghost Shogun from Nagoya are some of the best troops. His average attack is between 400 and 500. With his only skill this will increase to over 10,000 damage in one hit. He is in barrack of capital of the far east empire. He costs 100,000 gold. Defeating the army and capturing that town isn't easy. The enemy will have automatic heal from the shogun; kill him first. He will be the one with the highest damage and moves quickly.

-The best troops are Stalkers from the desert that hit for 400 to 500 points of damage, but if you have ten of the you can kill anything. Customize and make a ninja that can attack with katana, katar and crossbow.

Recommended character development:
-Create a custom character then select your special moves for Jur Katars, regular Katars, and two-handed swords. Select your aura skills as Balance Of Force, Venom Cloud, and Unholy Breath. Choose whatever passive skills desired. Start in the South Desert and go to Mosul. Go to the marketplace and get about 10 Assassin Jars, then go to the forge and level one up to level ten. Gain a couple levels, then go to your skills. Put all the points on Spirit. Put all the special on the Jur Katars, regular Katars, and two-handed sword special moves. Get enough levels on each special move to get the third one, then level each third special move to five. You will now be almost invincible.

-Customize your character and choose the South Desert. Have the special moves Katar, Two-handed sword, and staff. Get a Assassin Katar. Level up and get the Meteor Strike. Build your army to take Casearea or just buy it from them, and get Dragon Head. After that, build up the moves to Smashing Jump. Take over the small cities and build your army. Then, take over the big cities.

Recommended weapons:
-Go to Caesarea and purchase Greek Fire Pots. Make sure you have a Strength up to 85, then go to Tilfis and buy Sun Flame. Make sure you have two Wolverine Runes to add extra damage. Also, make sure you have Throwing up to at least 60.

-The Greek Fire +10 of Thantos and Dragon Head +10 of Thantos are the best weapons. You can find both of those in Caesarea. Thantos is the Occulus Rune. Note: This requires 82 Strength.

-Buy the Holy Reincarnation Of Poison +10 from Ra Gorod. Enchant with Poison Rune. Note: This requires 99 Strength.

Recommended armor:
The best armor foundin the game is located at the top left part of the world map, Grobben in the Order of the Holy Cross. You do not need to capture it to get them. The armor pieces are the Infernal Armor and Infernal Helmet. Note: This requires 100 Constitution.

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