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  Fast Food Tycoon [cheats]
Increase reputation:
Make a syndicate and find jails (large red/brown and pink buildings with bars) in all the cities. Click on the building and the "Jail" column will appear. Then, click on the first picture at the top to get the men to help with the mission. Kill the cops and get some people out to increase your reputation.

Easy clean and dirty money:
When starting a new game, start your own syndicate. You can decide to rob a bank, and by doing this by yourself you can get around $50,000 dirty money. You can choose to keep this or launder it. By laundering enough, you can drive the rate down to about 6:1 or 7:1. That means that instead of 20 dirty for 1 clean, you get 6 to 7 dirty for 1 clean. This is a great way to get money immediately.

Invincible thugs, burglars, killers:
-When starting your own game, join your own syndicate. Select your branch. Go to "Employees", and select "Security Guards". On the right, you can select a Thug, Burglar, etc. Choose your Thug, hire him, then look at his stats. You can choose to beat him until his health refills. Do this a few times, then send him on his own mission. He will have an icon above his head, like an anvil or something else, and he will not take damage.

-First, set up your own syndicate. Then, go the staff screen and hire a thug. After that, press the "Punish" button (red face at the end of the health bar) until it goes so far down it replenishes itself and will not go down from full. Find a bank with a full safe, equip your thug with a gun (preferably a machine gun), and rob the bank. Make sure your player moves out of the way as he/she will not be invincible. You can do this for any member of your own syndicate, except for yourself.

Advertising is a legal attack on your rivals and the advertising message is set by each player. The effect on the selected combination of target groups is then shown. Comparative advertising can be used to emphasize one's strengths. A great marketing campaign will make the individual branches better known. Very effective advertising also has a direct effect on the opinions and attitudes of the city's inhabitants. The better known your branches are, the wider your area of influence will be. This tempts the customers away from your rivals. You can also put posters up near rival branches to change the minds of hungry passers-by who were planning to give their money to your opponents.

-When you launch an attack on storage buildings or closed branches, you can either demolish them or completely empty them. This does significant damage to the competition.

-You can damage other branches' reputations with well-directed acts. For instance, you can appoint punks to annoy the customers. If you want to protect yourself from operations like this, you have to hire security guards. You can also effectively sabotage rivals' branches by planting rats and cockroaches, which will put the customers off their food. You can also take more drastic action and poison the ingredients, or let woodworms loose on your rival's furniture. While your opponent is busy dealing with the acts of sabotage, his customers will leave and you will then acquire new customers.

Price/quality policy:
To force your way into a market faster, start with a combination of low prices and extremely low costs, if possible. The customers will take note of the poor quality of the cheap branches, but your great choice of location will already have driven your rivals to ruin. The target groups' opinions both of your own branches and rival branches can be obtained at any time. By using skillful quality management, you will soon get all the customers away from an inferior branch.

Bicycle rider and miniskirt woman:
When you click on the woman wearing the pink miniskirt, a bicycle rider will appear and run into her. When he goes to help her up, click on him. A censor blur will appear and you will hear them having sex. Once they are done he will leave and she will walk around without her skirt.

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