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  Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party [cheats]
To make grass grow for the animals to eat, click in the farmyard.

Easy money hints:
-Upgrade your buildings to make more profit

-Capture and sell bears as they fall.

-After making enough produce to make certain items, you can sell that animal and buy others to save money and time.

-If your animals are about to die from lack of water, immediately click on the warehouse and sell them. By doing this, way you will have some money to buy water and animals.

-When you see plenty of animals at the beginning, immediately sell half of them to get the money to upgrade. You can sell them as soon as the warehouse appears. Sell them before that screen appears to save even more time.

Cats are great helpers around the farm and assist in reaching production goals.

Dogs protect the other animals from bears.

Faster production hints:
-Keep clicking a building while in production to make it work faster. Watch the color of the building. Do not let it get too red or it may collapse.

-Check the airplane for ingredients like eggs and milk, which you can buy faster than it takes a chicken to lay or animal to make.

-Sell chickens and purchase the eggs.

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