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  Fairly OddParents: Shadow Showdown [cheats]
"Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad" complete episode:
Gather all 33 Crimson Chin cards and complete the game. There are four cards on each of the eight levels, plus one from the very start of the game in Timmy's Dream.

Chamberlain's Shadow strategy:
-When taking on Chamberlain's Shadow on the final level, hit the switch he is facing.

-When starting the fight, the room gets darker and the buttons will be released. After that, he will release his minions that are after you. You only have a limited amount of time to press the buttons. Note: Occasionally you will have to press one or more of the buttons until Chamberlain's Shadow is hurt. To reduce a bar of his health completely, watch his shoes. There will be a toe sticking out. Butt-bounce on the toe. Do the same tactics until you complete the whole game, and therefore defeating Chamberlain's Shadow.

H2Olga strategy:
While facing H2Olga, you will not be using your unique tools to deal with her. Instead, you must press three buttons. Each has an effect on her health. Press all three of them until you defeat her. Note: After pressing a button, her health obviously goes down, but it will cause destruction on your path to the next button -- be careful.

Quince strategy:
Shoot the same exact cards that match his outfit. Note: The place where you get the cards at changes when you hit Quince. Thus, his outfit changes. Nevertheless, keep doing this until you defeat him.

Ape King strategy:
Run around the object he is on until you are behind him, then use your Banana Launcher to hit and stun him. Now go up and butt-bounce on him. Keep doing this until you defeat him.

Vicky strategy:
First, you will have to press three buttons. To do this you have to cross a wide chasm. You can use your gamma ray abilities to cross a floor of the Yugonium. Yugonium is a gas that is not from Earth, and becomes solid when exposed to gamma rays. After pressing all three buttons, you must go to the place where you once started. You will now have to convert into a ball and enter a transporting gun. You will hit Vicky's laser beam. When this happens, the Yugopotanian will use the laser too rapidly. The laser will destroy some of The yugonium gases. Keep doing this until you defeat Vicky.

Robot strategy on Dad's Dream:
Toward the end of the level, you must face the robot. Evidently, your main goal is to get out of Dad's dream. To do this you must destroy the robot. You will first have to run away from him. This scenario will be more convenient if you had Super Sneakers (cost 100 coins), and you will encounter a crane and a walking pot of ore. Use your magnet to getfive out of five of the ores. When the robot arrives, a button will emerge. Butt-Bounce on the button and the crane should hit the robot's head. Shoot the ores at the robot's head two times and his health will go down. Repeat the process on the other cranes and you will wake up Dad.

Get A Clue: Door comment:
Speak to the door until it says "Id like to help, But I can't."

Wrong dialogue:
The Chin-Cosmo says "emmmm..." instead of "errrrr...".

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