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  Frontline Tactics [cheats]
Steam Achievements
Art of Combat - Defeat enemies of flesh and bone.
Beachhead Established - Win some missions to get feet wet.
Blinding Pain - Blind and stun enemies.
Boot Camp - Knowledge is power!
Casualties of War - Kill! Kill! Kill!
Cautious Approach - Use cover and survive longer.
Easy Money - Horde a lot of credits.
Experienced - More skills are better than few.
Fire in the Hole! - Grenade fragments makes enemies bleed.
First Blood - First successful mission turn boys to men.
Leave No One Behind! - Deploy and extract a full team.
Liberty Comes at a Price - Buying credits is totally OK!
Make Them Bleed - Pepper more than one target with bullets.
Mission Accomplished - Win a lot of missions.
Multi Kill! - Kill multiple enemies in a single burst.
Multi Tasking - Dual wield-r-us.
Pinned Down! - Crossfire is good. More is better!
Superior Military Intelligence - Unlock everything.
Technical Advancement - Unlock a little of everything.
They Never Saw Us Coming - Swiftly defeat the enemy.
We Want YOU! - Grow your squad.
Who Needs Guns Anyway? - Perform slice and dice kills.
Who's Tough Now? - Defeat enemy elite troops.

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