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  Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes [cheats]
Steam Achievements
99 (Red) Balloons - Floating in the summer sky.
Cell Song - I hear someone singing ...
Checkmate - Defeat the Mother Superior.
Coffee Junkie - I need more coffee! More!
Dj Vu - I think I've been here before ...
Droggeljug - Droggeljug!
Edna's Hideout - Finish chapter two.
Electric Shock - Aaaargh!
Fast Learner - I don't need no tutorial!
Fight Club - If in doubt - give him a clout!
Hare Scare - Defeat all Harveys.
Heraldry - X marks the spot.
Hoo Hoo - Hoo hoo. Whit woo. Terwit terwoo.
Lady Justice - Justice prevails.
Loathing Mini Games - I hate mini games!
Mnemonic Device - Help the old man.
Multiple Endings - Multiple endings? I need to see 'em all.
Pathfinder - Find the right path.
Pizza Time - Did someone here order a pizza?
Quick Time Event - They don't really have quicktime events in this game, right?
Role Play Gamer - Sleep!
Row Master - Row, kid! Row for your life!
Shibuya Power - Shibuya power!
Short Arms - Lilli's arms were too short.
Sisyphean Labor - How's that supposed to help?
Sun King - Even the sun follows my command!
Super Girl - That doesn't apply to me.
The Asylum - Finish chapter three.
The Convent - Finish chapter one.

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