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  Temple Run [Android]
From the options in main menu, select the turning tutorial. When you are about to turn, slide towards the correct direction three times in a row. Be sure to be very quick in three swipes and get to run till your desired length of time.

Type in these codes at the Title display screen to get otherwise unattainable features: At the Title Screen enter the code for a effect:

samhines86 For Invincibility (unlimited)
rxh7nigh For Characters that are usually Unlockable.
Cheat Codes integration
The method of entering cheat codes differs with the game version you own.

Cheat Codes integration
The method of entering cheat codes differs with the game version you own.

Infinite Coins
For both unhacked and iPhones that have been jailbreak-ed, there are infinite coin glitches and hacks respectively, available on net. These hacks will grant you as many coins as you want.

Slide Trick
Keep your character player sliding through the game to stay on a constant speed. Be careful only tress will be visible enough and the rest you will have to be alert about.

Unlockable Characters
Guy Dangerous, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Scarlett Fox, Montanna Smith, Francisco Montoya and others are some of the many characters that are still unlockable in Temple Run. You can go for a guide online to get information on how you can get these unlocked.

Get two Lives
If you acquire two rebirths (resurrection) instead of one, you can use your second one after running for 1000 meters following the first resurrection in Temple Run.

The more you complete certain tasks, the more achievements you can make available for yourself. Here is a list of 22 achievements with corresponding tasks you can do to get them:
1/2 Million Club Score 500,000 points
1/4 Million Club Scored 250,000 points
10K Runner Run 10,000 meters
5K Runner Run 5,000 meters
Adventurer Scored 25,000 points
Allergic to Gold Run 1,000m without collecting any coins
Athlete Ran 2,500 meters
Double Resurrection Resurrect twice in one run
Head Start Use a Head Start
High Roller Scored 100,000 points
Lump Sum Collected 500 coins
Mega Bonus Filled the bonus meter 4x
Million Club Score 1,000,000 points
Miser Run Run 500m without collecting any coins
Money Bags Collected 1,000 coins
Novice Runner Ran 500 meters
Payday Collected 750 coins
Piggy Bank Collected 250 coins
Pocket Change Collected 100 coins
Resurrection Resurrect after dying
Sprinter Ran 1,000 meters
Treasure Hunter Scored 50,000 points

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