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  Fate of the World: Tipping Point [cheats]
Steam achievement:

Bein' Green - Move all regions to have 'Green' outlooks.
Copious - Beat the Cornucopia mission!
Denied - Beat the Denial mission!
Dinar Donation - Tobin Tax the Middle East
Dirham Dealings - Tobin tax northern africa
Hello, world - Research artificial intelligence.
Markets Managed - Reach 2200 without a global financial crash
Material World - Move all regions to have 'Consumerist' outlooks.
Miner Distruption - Globally ban Coal
New Place Like Home - Beat The Flood mission!
Oil Be Waiting - Globally ban Oil
Out of Gas - Globally ban Gas.
Peso Profits - Tobin tax latin america
Rand Received - Tobin tax southern africa
Rupee Reward - Tobin tax india
Winning Combination - Complete 2nd generation fusion power

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