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Pushing with Water
If your tribe member is stuck on a cliff and can't get down absorb some water and push them down and quickly absorb it back up. If a tribe member is carrying the repel water info you can push him down a hill with water to make him go faster.

Sandbox mode
When you get to the last level, Origins, you will be able to use your powers to control every element in the game and modify the world as you wish.

Relic locations
Search the indicated location to obtain the corresponding relic.
The Breath: Unknown.
The Ritual: Under dirt in the mountains.
The Roar of the Sea: Unknown.
The First Power: Unknown.
The Thousand Sources: On a hill near the Jellify Water power.
Wildfires: Move your second Totem, then look above the location where you moved the second Totem to.
Waves: On a hill near the Jellify Water Totem.
High Tides: Unknown.
The Tears of Stone: On the back side of the volcano.
The Raging Earth: South of the Fire Repel Relic.
Emergence: Underwater between the spawn point and the Amplify the Breath Totem.
Movements: Unknown.
Origins: Unknown.

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