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  DX-Ball 2 [cheats updated]
Cheat mode
Type “eureka” during game. (A tone confirms correct entry.) Then press one of the
following keys to activate the corresponding cheat.

Up - First board in set
Down - Last board in set
Right - Next board
P - Pause
Left - Previous board
any key - Random power-up
[F5] - Toggle MIDI music
[F6] - Music off

One Block Equals 10000 Points
Press eureka during game to activate the cheat code. Then press "onesquarehit"
and restart the game. Each block you knock out will equal 10000 points.
DX ball only allows 4 user boards per boardset. To fix this problem with a hex
editor do the following:

1. Open up DXBALL2.EXE in any hex editor.
2. Goto byte 165CCh (hex) or 91596 decimal.
3. Change 1BC083E06083C004 to 8BC1909090909090.

If your hex editor doesn't have a goto command search for: 1BC083E06083C004 and
change it to: 8BC1909090909090 There is only one instance in the file.

NOTE: Always make a backup of your DXBALL2.EXE file before editing.

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