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  Fortix 2 [cheats]
Steam achievements:
Complete Collection - Capture one of each power-up.
Dragon Master - Capture 100 dragons.
Dragon Slayer - Capture 300 dragons.
Flawless Victory - Complete every level to perfect on any difficulty.
Greed is Good - Capture an Oarkland or Dwarkland level in less than 10 captures.
Happy Dragon - Complete a level without capturing any dragons.
Hooligan - Unlock the hooligan avatar by smashing gophers in the options menu. Make them all disappear at the same time..
Impossible is Nothing - Complete every level to perfect on impossible difficulty.
Let there be light - Make all the shrines shine on the map.
Lumberjack - Unlock lumberjack avatar by capturing 20 orc watch towers..
Merry-go-round - Make a magic missile do a full circle around you.
Mission Impossible - Finish the game on impossible difficulty.
No more to shoot - Capture a catapult when there is no more target left to shoot at.
Right tool for the right job - Destroy a magic orb with a catapult.
Shield Bearer - Capture all sheilds (at least 2) on an Oarkland or Dwarkland level with one capture.
Square Deal - Make a perfect square.
Stealth Fighter - Complete an Oarkland level without using a catapult.
Super Combo - Make a 5x combo.
The Conqueror - Conquer at least 45% of the playfield with a single capture.
There's a New Sheriff in Town - Capture Xitrof along with his two replicas.
Traveller - Travel 1000 miles.
Triple Hit - Capture at least 3 catapults with one capture.
Zoo Master - Capture one of each monster.

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