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  Sega Rally 2 [DC]
10 Year Championship
Finish first each year to unlock a new car.

Year Car
01 Subaru Impreza 555
02 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4
03 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST-185
04 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 3
05 Peugeot 106 Maxi
06 Lancia Delta Integrale
07 Fiat 131 Abarth
08 Peugeot 205 Turbo
09 Renault Alpine A110
10 LANCIA 037 Rally

All seasons:
Press Up(2), Down, A(2), R, B(2), Down at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. All tracks, including the Secret Rally track will be unlocked. Note: For the Japanese version, press Up, Left, Down, Right, B, A, B, Right, Down at the title screen.

All Cars in Japanese Version
At the title screen press Up, Down, Up, B, A, Left, B, B, Down on the digital control pad.

All Tracks in Japanese Version
At the title screen, press the following on the digital pad: Up, Left, Down, Right, B, A, B, Right, Down. All of the tracks in the 10 years championship will now become available, including the secret track for completing the championship.

Alternate Car Colors
Hold down the left shoulder button when selecting the Lancia Stratos, Corolla WRC, Lancer Evolution or Celica GT4 ST185 to access an alternate set of colors for that car.

Bonus Section in Riveria
In arcade mode you can access a special section of the track in the Riveria stage. First, select Arcade Mode and choose either practice or championship.
When you reach the Riveria stage, take note of the final 90 degree turn in the track (just before the final straight). There would be 2 red cones. Knock both of them down. After you have knock them down, you will hear two distinct tones, saying that the hidden section of the track have been opened.

Turn the car around, then look carefully on the car's right. An entrance would've been open. Drive right through, and you will enter a special point stage, where you will need to drive your car around and knock cones down to gain points.

Points gathered will not have any effect on the gameplay, therefore it is just a fun little bonus.

Change frame rate to 30fps
Press Up, A, Down (x2), Left, Right, B(x2), Up at the title screen. (A tone confirms correct entry.)

Change frame rate to 60fps
Press Up, A, Down (x2), Left, Right, B (x2), Down at the title screen. (A tone confirms correct entry.)

Drive Renault Maxi Magane
Finish in seventh place or better in Arcade mode.

Drive Toyota Corolla Tien
Hold L at the vehicle selection screen and select the Toyota Corolla.

Even More Camera Tricks
While using one of the other camera cheats during a reply(hitting the A button) you can also hit the L and R trigger buttons to zoom in and out of the car for a change in distance during the replay.

Gamshark Codes
Enable All Years 64DB58B80000000A
Enable All Vehicles/Have All Golds 505744AE0000FFFF

Less detailed tracks with a faster display rate
Press Y or R when making a choice on the track or mode selection screen. The track will be less detailed and the race timer will appear on the right side of the screen while the game's display rate is increased.

Replay camera
During replay press the following buttons to activate a camera(s). Thereafter, the d-pad may be used to adjust its angle.

Camera Button
Behind car A
Driverís side X
Cockpit Y
TV presentation * B

* Default view

Secret Rally Track
Finish in first place in every year under "10 Year Championship" mode.

Go to and enter your e-mail address on the form. In a few minutes you will receive an email with your personal password.

Take a look in your "records" in the Sega Rally 2 game options. Behind your personal records you will find a codeword. Write it down.

Go to There you find 4 empty places. Here is what you have to write in:

Your Name
The code from the game
Your e-mail address
The code you received via e-mail
The left button sends your information to the server. After a few seconds you will get some links to your place in the world highscore.

Name censor:
Enter SEX, XXX, POO, or any other questionable initials to have them changed to another set of characters.

Hidden cone challenge:
Select arcade mode and begin game play in the Rivera race in either championship or practice. Drive as usual until reaching the last turn. Two red construction cones should appear as the turn is approached. Intentionally hit both of the cones. A sound with each hit will confirm this part of the trick. Turn around, and drive your car in the wrong direction. An opening to a hidden section of the track will eventually appear. Enter it to find a hidden section of track that contains many construction cones. The game will give you 29 seconds (separate from the normal race time) to knock down as many cones as possible for 100 points each.

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