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  Medal Of Honor [trainer +1 - promo]

1) Start the game and trainer (in any order)
2) Refer to the hotkeys below (or on the trainer)
3) Enjoy it!


Trainer options are activated using the NUMPAD on the right side of the
keyboard. You will need NUMLOCK 'On' for the hotkeys to works properly.
Laptop users may need to plug in a USB keyboard to get these keys.

Hotkey Option
------ ------

Num1 Infinite Health
Num2 Infinite Friendly Health
Num3 One-Hit Kills
Num4 Super Speed
Num5 Infinite Ammo
Num6 No Reload
Num7 Perfect Accuracy << Promo option!
Num8 Afflict Enemies
Num9 Disrupt Enemy Aim

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