Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Metro 2033 [trainer +10]
F1 = Infinite Health
Hit F1 to get a infinite amount of health

F2 = Super Speed
Hit F2 to travel much faster than usual.

F3 = Super Jump
Hit F3 and you will be able to jump much higher than usual.

F4 = Infinite Ammo
When enabled you will have an infinite amount of ammo.

F5 = Enable teleport system
Press this button to enable a teleport system.
Press NUMPAD1 to save your current position.
Press NUMPAD2 to restore the position you last saved.

F6 = Indestructable Gas Mask
Hit F6 to protect your gas mask being broken into pieces.

F7 = Rapid Fire
Hit F7 to make your weapons shoot much faster than normal.

F8 = Super Accuracy
Hit F8 and your weapons will shoot much more accurate.

F9 = Get 100.000 Money/ Bullets
Hit F9 than go to a bullet exchange store. When selling or
buying dirty bullets you will receive 100.000 money/ bullets.

F10 = Instant Kill
Hit F10 and simply hover your mouse over any enemy. It will
instantly die in front of your face.

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