Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Hacker Evlution Untold [trainer +9]
Please read the instructions before using the trainer.
Open the game and the trainer in any order,
Use the specific hotkey for the desired option

First make sure that you have the right version of the game, that is

Hotkey : Result
-------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
F5: Kill Timer
The game timer will set to Zero.

F6: 0% Trace Point
Use this option and you will never lose

F7: Get 99999999 Money and Score

F8: 999 Hack Counts
So it looks like that you hacked 999 sites

F9: 0 Trace Counts
Set trace numbers to 0

F10: Instant Download
your downloads take no time

F11: Instant Upload
Your uploads take no time

F12: Unlimited Bounce Links
You can use bounce links as much as you want

Ctrl+A: Enable/Disable all options
This option is just for the ease of use.
*Note: Dont use this option if you use the seperate options

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