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  Call Of Duty: World At War v1.2 [trainer +12]
Using this Trainer
Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu. Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
Numpad 2: No Reload
Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo
Numpad 4: Unlimited Grenades
Numpad 5: Stealth Mode
Numpad 6: Running Speed
Numpad 7: No Overheat
Numpad +: Save Position
Numpad - : Teleport
Numpad 8: Flying Mode
Numpad 9: Super Jumps
Numpad * : No Weapon Recoil
Numpad 0: Super Tank


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health - you will be invincible to most things. Certain
large explosions, scripted deaths, or high falls, etc. might kill you.

Numpad 2: No Reload - the current clip of ammo will not run out.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo - you will see that the total ammo count for your
current selected weapon will increase when you reload.

Numpad 4: Unlimited Grenades - you will not run out of grenades. However, you
must first find one grenade or have them in the beginning of the mission.

Numpad 5: Stealth Mode - turn this on to become invisible to most enemy. You
might miss some scripted events leaving this on so turn it back off.

Numpad 6: Running Speed - you move faster.

Numpad 7: No Overheat - certain guns will not overheat.

Numpad +: Save Position - save your position.

Numpad - : Teleport - teleport to saved position.

Numpad 8: Flying Mode - activate a mode where you can float on air. Experiment
to see what you can do!

Numpad 9: Super Jumps - you can jump higher.

Numpad * : No Weapon Recoil - many weapons will not recoil upwards when firing.

Numpad 0: Super Tank - in most instances your tank can undergo massive damage.

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