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  Battlestrike: Force Of Resistance [cheats]
Cheat Codes
While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following case-sensitive codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes cannot be enabled at the title screen.

Result Cheat Code
Toggle God mode Cheat.GodMode()
Full health Cheat.FullHealth
All weapons Cheat.GiveAllWeapons
All types of ammo Cheat.GiveAllAmmo
More ammo capacity for desired weapon Cheat.TuneClip
500 clips before reload Cheat.AddAmmo
Increased rate of fire for desired weapon Cheat.TuneGun
Mission skip Cheat.NextMission
Spawn knife Cheat.GiveKnife
Spawn machete Cheat.GiveMachete
Spawn Colt pistol Cheat.GiveColt
Spawn Colt pistol ammo Cheat.GiveColtAmmo
Spawn Desert Eagle Cheat.GiveDesertEagle
Spawn Desert Eagle ammo Cheat.GiveDesertEagleAmmo
Spawn SnWmod39 Cheat.GiveSnWmod39
Spawn SnWmod39 ammo Cheat.GiveSnWmod39Ammo
Spawn SPAS Cheat.GiveSpas
Spawn SPASammo Cheat.GiveSpasAmmo
Spawn M16 Cheat.GiveM16
Spawn M16 ammo Cheat.GiveM16Ammo
Spawn AK-47 Cheat.GiveAK47
Spawn AK-47ammo Cheat.GiveAK47Ammo
Spawn MP5 Cheat.GiveMP5
Spawn MP5 ammo Cheat.GiveMP5Ammo
Spawn M14 Cheat.GiveM14
Spawn M14 ammo Cheat.GiveM14Ammo
Spawn M16A1 Cheat.GiveM16A1
Spawn M16A1 ammo Cheat.GiveM16A1Ammo
Spawn M60 Cheat.GiveM60
Spawn M60 ammo Cheat.GiveM60Ammo
Spawn M79CAW Cheat.GiveM79CAW
Spawn M79CAW ammo Cheat.GiveM79CAWAmmo
Spawn PPSh41 Cheat.GivePPSh41
Spawn PPSh41 ammo Cheat.GivePPSh41Ammo
Spawn RPK Cheat.GiveRPK
Spawn RPK ammo Cheat.GiveRPKAmmo
Spawn sniper rifle Cheat.GiveSniper
Spawn sniper rifle ammo Cheat.GiveSniperAmmo
Spawn crossbow Cheat.GiveCrossbow
Spawn crossbow ammo Cheat.GiveCrossbowAmmo
Spawn M40 Remi 700 Cheat.GiveM40Remi700
Spawn M40 Remi 700 ammo Cheat.GiveM40Remi700Ammo
Spawn rocket launcher Cheat.GiveRocketLauncher
Spawn rocket launcher ammo Cheat.GiveRocketLauncherAmmo
Spawn grenade launcher Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncher
Spawn grenade launcher ammo Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncherAmmo
Spawn RPG7 Cheat.GiveRPG7
Spawn RPG7 ammo Cheat.GiveRPG7Ammo
Spawn grenade Cheat.GiveGrenade
Spawn claymore Cheat.GiveClaymore
Spawn bayonet Cheat.GiveWeaponKnife
Spawn AK-74 Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74
Spawn AK-74 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74
Spawn AK-74 Granatnik Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74Granatnik
Spawn AK-74 Granatnik ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74Granatnik
Spawn FAMAS Cheat.GiveWeaponFamas
Spawn FAMAS ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoFamas
Spawn FRF2 Cheat.GiveWeaponFRF2
Spawn FRF2 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoFRF2
Spawn HK PSG1 Cheat.GiveWeaponHKPSG1
Spawn HK PSG1 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoHKPSG1
Spawn KH USP Cheat.GiveWeaponHKUSP
Spawn KH USP ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoHKUSP
Spawn LRAC89 Cheat.GiveWeaponLRAC89
Spawn LRAC89 amo Cheat.GiveAmmoLRAC89
Spawn M1911 Cheat.GiveWeaponM1911
Spawn M1911 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoM1911
Spawn Milkor MGL140 Cheat.GiveWeaponMilkorMGL140
Spawn Milkor MGL140 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoMilkorMGL140
Spawn MP5sd6 Cheat.GiveWeaponMP5sd6
Spawn MP5sd6 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoMP5sd6
Spawn RPG7 Cheat.GiveWeaponRPG7
Spawn RPG7 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoRPG7
Spawn SPAS12 Cheat.GiveWeaponSPAS12
Spawn SPAS12 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoSPAS12
Spawn Bren Cheat.GiveWeaponBren
Spawn Bren ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoBren
Spawn Luger Cheat.GiveWeaponLuger
Spawn Luger ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoLuger
Spawn Mauser 98K Cheat.GiveWeaponMauser98K
Spawn Mauser 98K ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoMauser98K
Spawn Mauser 98KS Cheat.GiveWeaponMauser98KS
Spawn Mauser 98KS ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoMauser98KS
Spawn Schmeisser MP40 Cheat.GiveWeaponSchmeisserMP40
Spawn Schmeisser MP40 ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoSchmeisserMP40
Spawn Sten Cheat.GiveWeaponSten
Spawn Sten ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoSten
Spawn Trench gun Cheat.GiveWeaponTrenchGun
Spawn Trench gun ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoTrenchGun
Spawn Panzerfaust Cheat.GiveWeaponPanzerfaust
Spawn Panzerfaust ammo Cheat.GiveAmmoPanzerfaust
Spawn GraatStiHgr24 Cheat.GiveGranatStiHgr24
Unknown Cheat.JestemCieniasem()

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