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  Peggle Nights Deluxe [cheats]
Secret Codes
Enter these codes during gameplay for the desired effect:

* kathy - Permanent Flippers
* scott - Rightclick Speedup
* steve - Top Hat (no effect)
* zoom - Toggles Extreme Fever Zoom Camera
* zhanon - Black Background

Unlockable: Ranks
Perform the following actions to unlock prestigious Ranks:

* Master of Peggle - Beat Adventure mode
* Ultimate Master of Peggle - Beat all Challenges
* Extreme Ultimate Master of Peggle - Beat all Challenges with 100% completion (clear all pegs on each screen)

Easter Egg: Alternate Loading Screen

This Easter Egg involves some deft mouse-over work, so don't mouse-over anything until we tell you to! Now, mouse-over these buttons in this precise order: Duel, Duel, Challenge, Replay, Replay, Challenge, Duel, Quickplay, Adventure, Adventure, Quickplay, Duel, Duel, Quickplay, Quickplay

If it fails, you'll need to reboot the game.

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