Gameguru Mania - cheats

  The Mark [cheats]
Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

God mode God 1
Set health Health [1-100]

Disable Flying:
Enter 'mucha 0'

Disable God Mode:
Enter 'god 0'

Disable Invisibility:
Enter 'invisible'

Disable Wireframe View:
Enter 'wireframe 0'

Enter 'mucha 1'

God Mode:
Enter 'god 1'

Hide fps:
Enter 'drawfps 0'

Hide HUD:
Enter 'drawhud 0'

Enter 'invisible 1'

Normal Game Speed:
Enter 'globaltimespeed 1'

Set Game Speed:
Enter 'globaltimespeed (number)'

Health (Number):
Set health to (number)'

Show fps:
Enter 'drawfps 1'

Show HUD:
Enter 'drawhud 1'

Slow Motion (Half Game Speed)
Enter 'globaltimespeed 0.5'

Wireframe View:
Enter 'wireframe 1'

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