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  Far Cry 2 [trainer +8]
In-game hotkeys:

---- ------------------------ ------
|F1 | infinite ammo | YES |
|F2 | infinite grenades | YES |
|F3 | no recoil | YES |
|F4 | infinite health | YES |
|F6 | infinite stamina | YES |
|F7 | instant kill enemies | NO |
|F8 | 999 diamonds | YES |
|F10 | anti bullets cars | YES |
---- ------------------------ -----

Infinte Ammo: This will give you basically infinite ammunition for all

Infinite Grenades: This will allow you to have infinite grenades.

No recoil: this will disable the recoil while firing a gun, for a more
stable aim. This works best for automatic weapons.

Infinite Health: You can't die :).

Infinite Stamina: With this option you can now run and jump as much
as you want, without getting tired.

Instant kill enemies: This option will kill all enemies. But use it with
caution, because it will also kill people that you need to
complete the game. I would recommend that you save your game
first before using this option.

999 Diamonds: This will give you 999 diamons :).

Anti bullets cars: All cars will be damage resistant. Though they can be
destroyed by rocket launchers, grenades... But not by

Have Fun ;)

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer

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