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  Frontlines Fuel of War v1.11 [trainer +9]
If you are running Windows Vista, please make sure to run the
trainer in administrator mode. Right click the trainer - Properties
- Compatability and choose to run it as administrator.
Please be careful of the modern firewalls, they now also have several
protections against code injection which is needed for a trainer to
work, make sure you disable it while playing or it could stop the
trainer from running.


# Hotkey Option
1 F1 Infinite Health
2 F2 One Hit Kill
3 F3 Super Speed
4 F4 Infinite Ammo
4 F7 Infinite Grenades
5 F5 Low Gravity Super Jump
6 F6 Super Accuracy
7 NUMPAD1 Save Position
7 Numpad2 Restore Position
8 F8 Slow Down Team/ Enemies
9 F9 Freeze Team/ Enemies
NUMPAD3 Restore Movement


F1: Infinite Health
Pressing this option will make you immortal to anything. You can't
be killed.

F2: One Hit Kill
This will give you the ability to kill everyone with just one hit.

F3: Super Speed
Pressing this button will let you travel with the speed of light.

F4: Infinite Ammo
This option will give you infinite ammo on all weapons.

F5: Low Gravity Super Jump
Pressing this button will give you the ability to jump incredible
high. This is the real deal. We are not boosting the coordinates of
the player. Neither are we using the hover variable to create this
option. It's reversed the way it should be done.!!

F6: Super Accuracy
Press this button to fire your weapons super accurate.

NUMPAD1: Save Position
Press this button to save the player coords at any place in a level.
you can use this to restore them later.

NUMPAD2: Restore Position
Press this button and you will teleport back to your last saved
position. You can't teleport through loading screens.!

F7: Infinite Grenades
Press this button to get infinite grenades. You can throw as much
grenades as you want.

F8: Slow Down Team/ Enemies
Press this button to slow down everyone in the game.

F9: Freeze Team/ Enemies
Press this button to stop everyone from moving in the game. Take
that you might stop events from happening aswell. When you have used
this button you can stop the movement cheats by pressing NUMPAD3. Take
note though that the enemies won't be moving until the game is relocating
it's memory. Every soldier/ class has it's own movement speed. So putting
back a standard speed value would increase certain soldier classes.
When you have the option disabled and the game relocates it's memory
you will see everyone walking normal again.


1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer from the desktop or place trainer in game dir
3. You can choose to start the game first or you can press Run
game button and follow the steps on the screen.
4. Toggle desired Options on/off

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