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  Armored Core: For Answer [Xbox 360]
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

1000 kills (20 points): Achieved 1000 kills.
1000 wins (20 points): Achieved 1000 wins.
10000 kills (40 points): Achieved 10000 kills.
10000 wins (40 points): Achieved 10000 wins.
2000 kills (20 points): Achieved 2000 kills.
2000 wins (20 points): Achieved 2000 wins.
3000 kills (20 points): Achieved 3000 kills.
3000 wins (20 points): Achieved 3000 wins.
4000 kills (20 points): Achieved 4000 kills.
4000 wins (20 points): Achieved 4000 wins.
5000 kills (20 points): Achieved 5000 kills.
5000 wins (20 points): Achieved 5000 wins.
7500 kills (20 points): Achieved 7500 kills.
7500 wins (20 points): Achieved 7500 wins.
AF Answerer (20 points): Defeated AF Answerer.
AF Cabracan (20 points): Defeated AF Cabracan.
AF Eclipse (20 points): Defeated AF Eclipse.
AF Great Wall (20 points): Defeated AF Great Wall.
AF Jet (20 points): Defeated AF Jet.
AF Land Crab (20 points): Defeated AF Land Crab.
AF Soldios Orbit (20 points): Defeated AF Soldios Orbit.
AF Stigro (20 points): Defeated AF Stigro.
AF The Spilit of Motherwill (20 points): Defeated AF The Spilit of Motherwill.
Arena (30 points): Completed the arena.
Arena Rank 10 (20 points): Ranked in the top 10.
Arena Rank 20 (20 points): Ranked in the top 20.
Chapter 1 (20 points): Completed Chapter 1.
Chapter 2 (20 points): Completed Chapter 2.
Chapter 3 (20 points): Completed Chapter 3.
Class A (30 points): Promoted to Class A.
Class C (20 points): Promoted to Class C.
Class E (20 points): Promoted to Class E.
Ending 1 (40 points): Completed story(1 points).
Ending 2 (40 points): Completed story(2 points).
Ending 3 (40 points): Completed story(3 points).
Hard Difficulty (20 points): Completed all Hard Missions.
Mission Rank S (30 points): Achieved Total Mission Rank S.
Mission Rank SS (40 points): Achieved Total Mission Rank SS.
Normal Difficulty (20 points): Completed all Normal Missions.
ORCA Arena (30 points): Completed ORCA arena.
Ranker (40 points): Promoted to Ranker.

Mission and Arena bonuses

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding part or bonus.

Complete all normal and hard missions with an "S" rank.

Stabilizer HD-LANCEL-OPT03

Complete the Collared and Orca paths.

All parts already available at store are now free
ADDICT (emergency PA recharger), "Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons" mission
RG01-PITONE (railgun), "Occupation of Arteria Carpals" Hard mission

Complete "Attack on Richland" Normal mission.

RAIDEN, 061AN and 063AN available at store

Complete "Defeat Wonderful body" Normal mission.

Arm weapon GAN02-NSS-WBS

Complete "Rescue GA transport" Normal mission.

GAN01-SUNSHINE-L and GAN01-SUNSHINE-E available at store

Complete "Eliminate Procyon" Normal mission.

LATONA available at store

Complete "Defeat Unknown next and No Count" Normal mission.

Back weapon INSOLENCE
LINSTANT, MADNESS, and HILBERT-G7 available at store

Complete "Defeat unknown next" Normal mission.

Shoulder part EUPHORIA

Complete "Defeat AF Great Wall" Normal mission.

New parts available at store

Complete "Defend Megalith" Normal mission.

10 SRF memory units

Complete "Defeat White Glint" Normal mission.

Arm weapon 051ANNR
Back weapon SALINE05
20 SRF memory units

Complete "Defend Line Ark" Normal mission.

Arm weapon XMG-A030
Back weapon XCG-B050
White Glint's set of head, arms, core and legs
20 SRF memory units

Complete "Defeat Red Rum and Starka" Normal mission.

Back weapon KAMAL
Arm weapon KIKU
Stabilizer DUSKAROR-HEAD-1
Stabilizer DUSKAROR-HEAD-2
047AN and 049AN available at store

Complete "Defeat Unidentified AF" Normal mission.

GAN01-SUNSHINE and GAEN01-STARLET available at store

Complete "Defeat Silent Avalanche" Normal mission.

03-AALIYAH and 04-ALICIA available at store
X-SOBRERO available at store if next mission is "Attack On Arteria Carpals"

Complete "Destroy Arteria Ulna" Normal mission.

20 SRF memory units

Complete "Defend Arteria Carpals" Normal mission.

Arm weapon HLR71-VEGA
10 SRF memory units

Complete "Defend Arteria Carpals" Normal mission.

Shoulder part P-MARROW

Complete "Defend Cradle 03" Normal mission.

Stabilizer SAUBEES-HEAD-1
Stabilizer SAUBEES-HEAD-2
New parts available at store

Complete "Defeat main Orca forces" Normal mission.

Back weapon BIGSIOUX
Back weapon GAN01-SS-GC

Complete "Destroy Arteria Carpals" Normal mission.

Arm weapon MR-R102
Back weapon EC-0307AB
20 SRF memory units

Complete "Defend anti-satellite cannons" Normal mission.

Arm weapon 067ANLR
Back weapon 063ANEM
20 SRF memory units

Complete "Defeat AF Answerer" Normal mission.

Arm weapon ER-O705
Back weapon MP-091

Complete "Attack on Arteria Cranium" Normal mission.

Arm weapon HLR09-BECRUX
Back weapon HLC09-ACRUX

Complete "Clear former Chinese Shanghai" Hard mission.

EKHAZAR, EKLAKH and SOLUH available at store

Complete "Defeat AF Cabracan" Hard mission.

10 SRF memory units

Complete "Defeat Spirit Of The Mother Will" Hard mission.

10 SRF memory units

Complete "Attack on PA-N51" Hard mission.

Back weapon SAPLA

Complete "Defeat Unknown Next And No Count" Hard mission.

Back weapon ZINC

Complete "Defeat Silent Avalanche" Hard mission.

Arm weapon FSS-53

Complete "Defeat AF Great Wall" Hard mission.

Back weapon OIGAMI

Complete "Attack On Arteria Carpals" Hard mission.

Arm weapon EG-O703

Defeat Ozdalva at the Arena.

Stabilizer CR-LAHIRE-OPT01
Stabilizer CR-LAHIRE-OPT02
New parts available at store
15 SRF memory units

Defeat Roadie at the Arena.

GAN02-NEW-SUNSHINE and KIRITUMI available at store

Defeat Gerald Gendlin at the Arena.

Stabilizer AM-HOGIRE-OPE01
Stabilizer AM-HOGIRE-OPE02

Defeat Stiletto at the Arena.

Arm weapon AXIS

Defeat Dario Empio at the Arena.

10 SRF memory units

Defeat Jan at the Arena.

ARGYROS, HYDOR-ARGYROS and Y09-RIGEL available at store

Defeat Irbis Ornstein at the Arena.

Stabilizer EKHAZAR-LEGS-1
Stabilizer EKHAZAR-LEGS-2

Defeat Takafumi Arisawa at the Arena.

Stabilizer RAIDEN-HTS1
Stabilizer RAIDEN-HTS2

Defeat CUBE at the Arena.

TYPE-LANCEL, SAUBEES and SAUTEES available at store

Defeat Ay Pool at the Arena.

Stabilizer CLS01-AURORA-A
Stabilizer CLS01-AURORA-B

Defeat Johnny Kamisori at the Arena.

Arm weapon KB-O004
5 SRF memory units

Defeat Champion Champs at the Arena.

Hand weapon GANO01-SS-WD

Defeat Thermidor at the Arena.

15 SRF memory units

Defeat Neonidas at the Arena.

Back weapon LETHALDOSE

Defeat Shinkai at the Arena.

Main booster S04-VIRTUE
Arm weapon 07-MOONLIGHT
Shoulder weapon 09-FLICKER

Defeat Maelzel at the Arena.

5 SRF memory units

Alternate endings
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending.

League: Complete the single player campaign storyline with the final mission "Defend Arteria Cranium".
ORCA: The final mission of this storyline is "Attack Arteria Cranium". To reach this ending, complete the "Rescue GA Transport" mission and two more missions in Chapter 2 to unlock the "Defend Megalis" mission, commissioned by Line Ark. Complete that mission, progress until reaching the "Defend Line Ark" mission which will appear in place of "Defeat White Glint". Complete that mission and the "Destroy Arteria Ulna" mission will be available in Chapter 3. Complete that mission to be accepted into ORCA. At the end of that chapter, the "Attack Arteria Carpals" will become available. Complete that mission to continue on the ORCA storyline. Do not choose the "Destroy Cradle 03" mission when it becomes available. Instead, follow the other missions to the end.
Old King: This storyline is along the ORCA mission path, with the final mission being "Occupy Arteria Carpals". Follow the steps to get the ORCA ending until Chapter 4. At that point, choose the "Destroy Cradle 03" mission offered by Old King.

Compared to Armored Core 4 the Nexts in are much quicker. The quick boost thruster consumption appears to have been reduced and this causes quite a few of the AI to move very quickly and very erratically. Tried and true methods that brought down Nexts in Armored Core 4 do not always work, such as the ever potent HLC02-Sirius. The developers have compensated for this by giving placers the back chain guns GAN-01-SS-GC obtained by following the Collarred story line. Combined with the INBLUE FCS, which has the highest lock speed, and rapid quick boost techniques to stay close, you can easily destroy almost any Next. Unfortunately this is not available until after the Defeat White Glint and Defend Line Ark missions, which are very difficult without these chain guns on your back. Very few Nexts utilize aerial combat techniques; mainly Fragile, White Glint, Ambient, Stasis, Old King, and Unsung. Also, laser blades can use lock on now making it easy for Nexts to target you with their blades. Shinkai is the most dangerous and is found in the Defend Arteria Cranium (final mission for Collared) and can very quickly take you down to size using homing strikes from the 07-Moonlight.

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