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  Crysis v1.1 [trainer +6]
Six stunning options for this great game:
F1 - Infinite Health, well your immortal..yeaaah.

F2 - Infinite Power, you've got non decreasing power in your suite. Jump
, sprint etc as long as you want.

F3 - Unlimited ammo, this was a tricky one. Well we fixed it now only YOU
have got infinite ammo and no reload.

F4 - Unlimited Grenade, gives you 10 grenades. Only works for you, and
you will first have to find atleast 1 grenade. (works for flashbangs
etc. too).

F6 - Infinite Night Vision Energy, well now you can spy in the dark for

F7 - Death Sentence, well basicly this is an one hit kill option. But it
works a little different. For example: if you run to fast in a tree
or something get's thrown at ya it will hurt you. The same goes for
enemy. So when this option is activated, and they run to fast into a
tree they'll be dead:) Use this option wisely!

Notes: Great + great update = new trainer. Hope ya enjoy this one!

This trainer is tested on WINXP 32 BIT and VISTA 32 BIT, both are

PS VISTA USERS: Ya know the drill, run the trainer in administrator

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